The Balm Cosmetics - Mini Haul

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another mini-haul!  One of my favorite brands is the Balm.  They have such an amazing line of products.  I'm slowly building my collection.  They're frequently on sale on one of my fav daily discount sites HauteLook so I always check it out when The Balm is on sale!
I picked up two items:  Mary-Lou Manizer and the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette.
This is a new product for me.  I'm a big fan of The Balm's NudeTude palette and in generally i'm a sucker for matte shadows.  This palette contains all mattes and the shadow size is huge!  I think this may be a great addition for my kit.
Check out the swatches.  This includes a great range of neutrals that really can be built into any eyeshadow look to help contour and highlight the eyes.
I also decided to pick up one of my favorite highlighters.  It's hard for me to find the Balm in stores so I grab the chance to buy it online and on sale!  I have one of these already but I bought an extra specifically for my travel makeup bag - I love it that much!
Here's a swatch.  On the top is the shadow full on and below is it blended out.  Super duper gawjus!

I picked up these items on sale at .  This is one of my favorite shopping sites.  They have huge discounts from some of our favorite brands everyday from clothes to makeup to even house decor.  The Balm is often on sale so you should definitely check it out!