Beauty and Beat Makeup Class Recap - Part 1 Beat Face Honey aka Tatiana Ward's Makeover

Hi Bellas,

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of assisting Makeup Sensations BeatFaceHoney aka Tatiana Ward and Renny Vasquez for their Beauty and the Beat class here in Atlanta.  It was such an amazing experience of learning, bonding and sharing.  I wanted to share some tidbits I learned and pictures of the event.  They're hosting their next class in Houston and I'll share details as well.  Check it out!
There were close to 50 people that showed up to see the dynamic duo work their magic.  They each had a model and 2 hours to teach us their tricks and do a makeover on a lucky model.  Today I'll show you Tatiana's work.  Here is a before of her model.  She is a fellow YouTuber who created a really special video for Tatiana sticking up for her against the haters.  What a nice gesture for Tatiana to give her the makeover right?

I loved how Tatiana is so down to earth.  She has really risen astronimically in her career, even as MUA to Nicki Minaj, Brandy, Niecey Nash, just to name a few.  It's so interesting to hear her stories about making up her star studded clientele.  One thing she always uses is Milk of Magnesia as a primer.
Tatiana is so famous for her Cut Creases that you know the class wanted her to recreate one on the model.  Check out the detailed precision.  She started with a black pencil and followed up with eyeshadow.
Check out her foundation application.  Tatiana prefers working with creams and is using a Sacha cosmetics palette which has quickly become Brandy's favorite.
Tatiana prefers to use just lipstick and skips lip liner.  Here she is applying a nude to the model's lips.  Do you see the powder puff she has on her hand?  It protects her clients' makeup when she rests her hand on their face.
And the final look!  Flawless!  FYI, the model is rocking Velour Lashes which they generously sponsored for the class.
Close up after shot
Here is the fabulous duo!
I had a great time with these guys.  We event went to Bronner Brothers hair show after and it was a blast.  I definitely recommend that you all take one of their classes.  I learned so much but I didn't want to spill all the beans!  You'll have to attend a class in person to witness the magic.  They will be touring the U.S.  Next one is at Houston.  Check it out at
Tomorrow, i'll share pictures from Renny's portion of the class.  Stay tuned!