New Hair! I'm a Red Head!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another video and post and guess what?  I'm a red-head!  As you know I've been planning to go darker and redder since late last year.  This time we went for the plunge and went red!

Check out my video!

I always visit my stylist Erika at Toni and Guy Salon at Northpoint Mall in Alpharetta, GA.  She's been doing my color for years!  In October I had gone for a darker brown with red tint...this time I wanted more red to show up.  I prefer more warm tone reds like Jennifer Love-Hewitt below.

Here was my inspiration:
After:  My hair stylist ended up dying my bottom layers a deep chocolate red.  Since my hair underneath is bleached, it won't go much lighter.  I'm okay with that though because it gives my hair some balance and most of it stays healthy.
The part that picked up the most red was where I had my blond highlights.  My roots were black so they didn't take to the color as much.  She had to even apply a separate toner in the wash bowl to brighten them a bit.  Next time, I'll probably take the color up to the roots.
I do like how my hair seems much richer now though.  And I absolutely got no breakage this time around.
My hair is getting pretty long...about time for a cut!

I'm still getting to my new look but i'm loving the change.  The hair came out a little more magenta toned than i'd like.  Not a surprise though because my hair does what it wants!  I'll go for more of a warm/coppery red next time.  I also plan on dying my clip in hair extensions shortly...they're dark brown with caramel streaks...hoping I don't mess it up, lol.

What do you all think of the new red hair?  Do red heads have more fun? LOL Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

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