Monday, February 13, 2012

Sole Society Re-Purchase of the Month - Jenna Ballet Flat

Hi Bellas,

Does this post look familiar? LOL Well I already did a Sole Society purchase of the month but you may have noticed that I returned that pair...thank goodness for free return shipping!  Instead, I got a pair of shoes that I was positive I would be able to use.

There's no way of getting around it...I'm a flats kinda girl.  It's funny because in college I used to always wear heels...then I took a trip to Paris.  Everyone was wearing flats, even out to the club!  This was in 2007 and I've been hooked ever since!

I got this pair, the "Jenna Ballet flats" because I thought it could be cute with slacks to work and also for weekends.  I surprisingly don't have a pair of brown flats in my collection and these have a nice edge with their metallic finish.

I usually order 1/2 size up when it comes to flats because I like them super loose and comfy.  I'll keep you posted on whether or not they stay with me or get shipped back lol.

If you're interested in Sole Society, pretty please use my invite code: 
For every 3 friends I recommend, I get a pair free, eek!

Do you guys rock flats on the regular?   Let me know in the comments below!

P.S - I got these in the mail and I'm keeping them!  They're a great basic flat with a bit of metallic finish to them which makes them a bit more fun.  They do run 1/2 a size big so keep that in mind when ordering.

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.  Product purchased by me.

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PurdyFaces said...

Yesss....I rock flats on the daily now. I used to be a heel girl for the longest, until I realize I'm just damaging my feet for when I get I put a stop to that. I only bust out the heels now on special occasions. But I LOVE flats. And I love these you shared with us, so I might check them out. :) I too don't have that color in my collection, sooo I'm tempted to add.

Annie said...

Hey Ren, does sole society allow users to review their shoes?? I just bought the Capri shoes and wanted to leave a review but can't find anything...