Dying My Extensions at Home!

Hi Bellas,

I love wearing clip-in extensions when I go out or have a special event.  They just make me feel super sexy and they add so much volume.  I originally bought my extensions in a brown with caramel highlights to match the hair color i've had for the last few years.  However in the last several months I've gone through some new color phases so I needed to make sure my extensions matched.  Here's how you can dye your own hair extensions at home!
I just picked up a random box of hair dye that I thought would match my current hair.  This is a red formula that is good for darker hair.  I also recommend that you have either towels or tin foil to line your counter.  It helps to also have some kind of brush to apply the dye.
Note:  I only recommend this process with human hair extensions.  I've had mine for a while and they've held up pretty good.  This is what my extensions looked like before hand...they were curly because I had used a curling on them before hand.  If you do this, make sure to comb out the curls first.
The highlights picked up the red color and the darker brown base were of of a mahogany tone.
I apply a bit of dye to my hair as well so I can ensure that everything blends well.  Whenever you dye your own hair, make sure to do it on 2 day old or older hair.  I find my scalp burns and my hair is more damaged if I try this on freshly washed hair...the oils from unwashed hair help protect you.
All dry and brushed out.
Perfect match!
Lessons learned

  • Line your counter with towels or aluminum foil so you don't make a mess
  • Use a brush or applicator to apply the dye, painting strands in downward motions (this prevents tangling)...do one side then flip it over
  • Dye a bit of your own hair to match...I placed a bit on strands near the top of my head
  • Brush out extensions first!  My extensions were pre-curled which made them a bit tangly and difficult
  • Condition the extensions well, apply a bit of hair oil as well
  • Wear old clothes in case you happen to get a bit of dye on you

I'm actually going to dye these extensions again.  One last time to a dark brown.  I think then I can use them for all hair colors.  I recently dyed my hair again...the highlights are more of an auburn red but  I always keep a dark brown base

Update*  I used the tips from lessons learned and dying my hair was so much easier this time.  The key is to try and not tangle up the hair and take your time.  It's also easier to always dye your hair a darker color.  Here's a shot with me and my extensions, and a sneak peak of an upcoming FOTD!

Hope this helped your guys.  If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to leave them below!

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