Products I Regret Buying Series - "Bling Nail Stickers"

Hi Bellas,

I'm back for another review!  This is another segment in my "Product I Regret Buying Series".
I was so excited to try out these nail stickers when I saw another one of my favorite YouTubers talk about them.  That goes to show you, what works for some doesn't always work for everyone.
These rhinestone stickers are available at Claires and Sephora.  They retail for about $7.00 each and I bought them for Buy One Get One Half Off from Claires.  
These are essentially nail stickers but instead of having a coat of polish, it has a rhinestone design.  There are many cute blingy designs to choose from.

You apply these like any other nail sticker: 

1) Remove sticker and position them on clean nails.  I like to make sure that my cuticles are also pushed flush down with an orange stick.  Apply a base coat first if you'd like.
2) Trim off the excess and file the sticker down.
3) Apply a top coat
The nails look great for the first hour but then disaster strikes.  The sticker starts to life up and it's a mess.  Your nails get caught on everything.  I've tried doing this manicure with two different packs and this always happens within a few hours of fresh application.  
I've tried everything to get them to stay down...from more top coats to nail glue...honestly the stickers are just too thick and don't adhere well.  I have other plain nail polish stickers that work great...I think it's the texture of the rhinestones and the plasticy sticker material that makes this a product fail.

Moral of the story - when you try something new, buy in moderation until you know it works.

I've seen some people give this product glowing reviews and others who hate it.  Have you tried these stickers?  Let me know in the comments below.

FTC Disclosure:  Product not sponsored.  I purchased this with my own money.

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