Professional Photos - Indian Wedding

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post!  This is a quick one.  I was tagged on facebook by one of my former bridal clients and had to share the gorgeous pics taken by Garrett Frandsen.  In this post I teach you some quick tips and tricks for applying makeup at Indian Weddings and how to get some great portfolio shots.

If you're working with a new photographer and bride, it's okay to ask them whether or not they want to get some "Makeup Prep Shots".  Sometimes it get's hectic with the rushing to get ready that they appreciate the reminder.
One of the fun part about doing Indian Weddings is applying the decorative jewels to the face.  It helps to have a pair of tweezers, some clear lash glue, and a steady hand.
You can also put a bit of glue under the Tikka, or the jewel that hangs down from the hairline to the middle of the forehead, so that it doesn't shift out of place.  Same goes for the bindi (jewel between the eyebrows).  The jewels on the face are stickers but sometimes you need a little extra help with the lash glue.
If you do bridal work, it's worth becoming facebook friends with your clients and your photographers.  It makes getting pictures for your portfolio super easy!

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Atlanta Photographer