Makeup Artist Series - More Qosmedix Disposables

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I'm back with another review!  I'm such a sucker when it comes to stocking my kit up with Makeup Artist Disposables.  With the right tools and containers, you can really condense your kit and make your life so much easier and organized.  Today I'll be showing you some of the newest items from Qosmedix and I think you'll be super excited to see some of their latest goodies!
Let's jump right into it!  I'm going to show you the item and my thoughts.  You'll be able to see just how affordable these pieces are in the picture...and if you need to buy in bulk or not.

I was really happy to see this glitter tool.  I've seen something similar at Sephora but of course it's more expensive.  Its silicone tip helps to grab glitter and deposit it on the face or eyes without messy fall out and without ruining your brushes.  It works really well.  I'm definitely using this tool moving forward every time I use glitter.
I don't use brow stencils too often but I think they really do work in creating a new look.  However, these are more on the plastic side and do not easily lay flat.  I prefer mine to be a bit more rubbery so they can conform to the face better.

These blending sponges are amazing!  They totally made my January favorites.  They're super inexpensive and I even like them better than the Beauty Blender which is ridiculously more expensive.  I've used these in my latest foundation routine video and they are just awesome.
I love this little bottle for travel and for the kit.  I screw off the cap and pour my foaming facial cleanser and it works great!  No leakage, cap is secure and it dispenses product with no problems.  This makes my life a lot easier to I can bring my Aveeno foaming cleanser with me when I travel.
First off, love the hot pink color, lol.  I found that this tool actually does help to position your lashes right on the lash line.  It is good for those who aren't too good with applying lashes with fingers or tweezers or maybe you're a beginner at lashes.  I find that you need to practice a few times to get it down but it works.  However, I do prefer tweezers fingers personally for lash application.
I was really impressed with this brush.  It's very inexpensive yet the quality is great.  It's pretty dense and soft and it's great for buffing in product.  I like using it with powder foundation to get a flawless finish.
I used these models on a lash and you can see the picture here.  They're so fun and funky and are actually wearable if you pair them on top of another pair of lashes.
Another pair of really fun lashes.  These of course are also pretty funky but they're great for those fun holiday looks and avant garde shoots.  Overall, Qosmedix lashes are always pretty good.
Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of this brow brush  I found that the bristles were too rough and coarsely cut and I wasn't able to apply color evenly or precisely enough.  I wouldn't recommend.
I filled this jar with my Ben Nye Loose Banana Powder.  Be careful not to fill it to the top.  Leave about 1 cm of space because when you put on the sifter cap it pushes down into the container.  I made the mistake of filling it too much and some powder spurted out.  Besides that...I love the twistable so that way powder isn't all over the place.  This is great for condensing your loose powders in the kit.

Final Thoughts
I was really excited by the variety of makeup artist disposables and tools that were sent to me.  I will definitely be using most of them and i've even found a few staples.  This brand is super affordable and if you're a makeup artist you've got to check it out!  Same for my makeup junkies out there who might need some tools or items for travel.

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FTC Disclosure:  Products sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with this company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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