A Vision Board for the New Year!

Hi Bellas,

I've recently noticed some buzz around the internet on creating Vision Boards.  In particular, fellow blogger and YouTuber Scandalous Beauty aka Erin really got me pumped about it. These are boards with pictures and words that symbolize our goals.  It's the perfect time to do it...with the beginning of the year already started and we're all making New Years Resolutions.  I truly believe in dreaming big and working towards your goals.  With this project, you can materialize your dreams onto paper and have a daily reminder of what you what to achieve.  I wanted to share you my vision board and show you how to do your own!

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How do you make your own?  Start out with materials!  You can do this vision board for just about nothing if you have some regular household items lying around.

First, you need concepts, ideas, sources of inspiration.  This can be easily found by cutting out pictures and words from old magazines.  It helps to have a variety.  You can also print pictures from your computer like I did...just google your ideas and you'll find lots of good stuff.  You can also attach mementos, photos, flyers, and drawings - anything that can fit on the board.

You need something to attach your ideas too.  Some people use foam board, poster board, or cork boards.  I used a bulletin board that I found at Michaels.  I love how it's a little bit more stylish with the dark wood and silver trim...that way it matches my decor at home and I'll be proud to hang it up.  About a week ago all cork boards were 40% off at Michaels...run and get one!  You'll also need scissors and either tape, glue or push pins...I actually used all three.

Now for the brainstorming process...flip through the magazines and pictures and cut out anything that appeals to you.  Pick images that inspire you...objects and concepts that you'd like to achieve in life.  This can be anything from a new car, home, to love and friendship.

I suggest placing your images on the board...arranging them, then gluing them.  I glued down the bigger pictures first onto sheets of white paper that I taped together.  That way, I have one large piece.  Then I placed the smaller words and pics on top.  Next year I can remove this sheet and start over without messing up the cork board.   This is also a fun experience to do with a friend, family member or significant other.  Check out Mike's cork board in the background...his actually came out better than mine, lol.

Here's the final look!  My OCDness is getting to me and I think i'll add just a few more items to the board this week before I'm finally done.

I hope I inspired at least one of you out there to start your own vision board.  I've heard many success stories from people doing vision boards and reaching some of their goals.  It can't hurt right?  "Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."  Let me know if you've done a vision board or are planning on doing so!

Atlanta Makeup Artist