Lots of Bright Colorful Looks! Neelam's Wedding

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post!  This one contains lots of fun pictures of makeup I took of an Indian Wedding that I did makeup for a few months ago.  It was three days of makeup on multiple beautiful ladies and I can't wait to share them with you all.

I've said this multiple times before, but I love Indian weddings!  They're so much fun to do.  I love the culture - the food, bright tapestries, clothing, music and dance.  I've been lucky to do them on a regular basis and if somehow you can break into the circuit, I highly recommend it because it is very profitable as a makeup artist.  The ceremonies are usually multiple days and multiple makeup looks.

Here's a shot of my kit.  I use my ZUCA traincase and backpack for larger gigs so that I can hold everything.  I stick my airbrush makeup in the backpack.  I like to have the basics as well as a palette of super bright colors for Indian Weddings.  FYI I didn't bring the Winnie the Pooh stuff animals, lol, they were on the client's desk in her room.  Did I mention her room was amazing?  She had her own sitting area in an adjoining room!

Here's one of the looks for the brides.  I usually don't match makeup to clothing but my one exception is for Indian weddings.  It's kind of expected.  I went for a bright orange and gold look to match her Sari.  FYI if her skin color looks different in the various shots it's because I took these pictures at different points in the day.

I also did the makeup for her sister-in-law.  You may recognize her as a bride from my previous posts.  Love her!  We did a naturally bronzey brown look on her.

This is a shot of the bride for her more "western ceremony".  She and her husband decided to do a more American style wedding as part of their events.  She even wore a beautiful white wedding gown.  To go with the ceremony, we went for more traditional Western makeup which is more natural.

Back to bright color!  We went for nude with a pop of blue on this look.  In order to not overwhelm her with a strong color like blue, I used a navy color and kept it on the outer v and crease.

Love her outfit!

Here's a shot of the maid of honor.  She had gorgeous eyes.  We went for gold and an olive green on the eyes and a traditional plum lip (if you do Indian weddings be prepared to have lots of reds, burgundies, berries and plum lip colors in your kit).

For the bride's final look, we wanted to kick it up a notch.  I went for smoking purple eyes using MAC's Stars and Rockets eyeshadow as the focus color and then a deeper purple to contour. 

Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of everyone's look (including the moms) because I was busy doing all these faces lol. Hope you guys enjoyed!

Atlanta Makeup Artist