Makeup Basics - Lips and Tools - What You Need in Your Makeup Bag

Hi Bellas,

This is the last part in my "What You Need in Your Makeup Bag Series".  I'm covering all the basics that you need when it comes to lips and tools.  Check out my first post on skincare and face makeup here.  Check out my second post all about eyes here.  In this last post, I'll cover lips and the tools you need in your makeup bag.

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As mentioned previously, these are just some of my suggestions to be able to create an everyday look.  Once you get comfortable with the basics, definitely experiment with more bold an bright colors - go for a red lip!  I'll give you both high and low end suggestions on how to give you the perfect pout.  Let's get started!


Exfoliate - Before you even apply anything to your lips, you need a smooth surface free of dry or flaking skin.  There are many lip scrubs on the market, but you can always just use your lip moisturizer and exfoliate with a washcloth or toothbrush.  Better yet, take your lip moisturizer, mix it with sugar and rub it around on your lips and wipe off.  

Lip Moisturizer - This is a no brainer.  Keep your lips soft and moisturized to keep them healthy and to help lip products glide on smoothly. I love Aquaphor because it's cheap and moisturizes really well.  Everyone has their preference -  Chapstick, Carmex, Burts Bees - use what works for you.
Lip Liner – This isn't a must have but it works great at defining your lips and having lip color stay longer. Start out with one similar to your lip color - something with a brownish tint tends to work on most.

Everday Lipstick - Starting out, get something close to your lip color. Think "My Lips But Better". Lipsticks with sheer finish are great for everyday.  One of my favorites is MAC Viva Glam V - it works on so many skin tones as the perfect mauvey pink with s light gold shimmer.
Everyday lipgloss  - You can even skip lipstick and go straight for a gloss.  It's shine and sheer color are great for beginners.  Peachy or Pinky tones tend to look good on everyone.  These days, there are so many affordable lipglosses - the drugstore is full of them.

Tools - Last but not least, the most sensible makeup artists realize that you can use the cheapest makeup products as long as you have the correct tools.  You've bought all this makeup, now you need something to help you apply it.  Here are some of my basic recommendation for tools that you'll need in your makeup bag.

Brushes - Good brushes can turn your makeup look from so so to so so good!  If you're starting out, I recommend hitting the drugstore.  I'll name just a few.  Target carries Sonia Kashuk and Studio Tools and CVS has Essence of Beauty and Eco Tools brushes.  I also recommend looking into sets from companies like Sigma Makeup and Sedona Lace (use code renren for $4.00 off).  You'll have all the brushes you need.

Brush Cleanser - Don't skip this!  Just like you wash your clothes and towels, you need to keep your makeup brushes clean as well.  It's important to clean your brushes regularly for sanitation reasons as well as to make them last longer.  I like MAC or Parian Spirit brush cleanser for quick clean up and I use baby shampoo for deep cleaning.

Eyelash Curler – An eyelash curler is truly a miracle worker.  It can make those lashes pop more than any mascara.  What's the point of putting on mascara if your lashes point straight down - this tool will make them shine.  Shu Uemura makes the best but these days everyone sells them.

Tweezers -  Tweezers are essential tools for so many reasons.  Use them to groom eyebrows and pluck random facial airs.  They're also great for applying lashes and from time to time i'll use them to tighten a screw, he he.  I also recommend a pair of nail scissors to help trim brow hair.  They also works great for opening packaging and trimming false lashes.

These are just some of my suggestions…I’m not sure which skin tone you have so I made recommendations based on colors that I know work on everyone…most of my suggestions are MAC products because that’s what I know best.  Hope this helps and good luck!

FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned.