Revlon Review - Lashes & Nails

Hi Bellas,

I've featured Revlon's products before. They've sent me their falsies (lashes and nails) before, and recently they came up with a few new styles that I wanted to show you all.  In particular, they've developped a new lash glue that i'm super excited to share with you all!

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All in all, Revlon lashes are pretty good.  I prefer some styles over others, but I do like how they're widely accessible to the mass public and great for beginners.  I do find that sometimes the bands are a bit thick on some of them and the lashes tend to be kind of floppy - but really it depends on the style you choose. 

I got sent about a dozen of these white lashes!  I can see them being cool for an editorial type shoot - or maybe an Ice Princess Halloween look but I definitely don't need that many.  Needless to say I'll be giving some away to a few lucky readers!  The lashes also attached with self-adhesive strips.  I noticed that Revlon does this with some of their lashes but honestly I prefer the good old glue method - it makes the lash feel more secure in my opinion, but to each his own!
These criss cross lashes are great for achieving a natural look.  This is a super popular style in a lot of my Asian Brand Lashes and I can see why because they definitely make small eyes look better.  As you can see, this case comes with Revlon lash glue which actually isn't bad.  Still, I prefer to use my Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark or Eve Pearl Dark Lash Glue.  Notice though how the band is a little on the thick side.  I wish it were thinner so it would look more natural and feel more comfortable - but at least they made it black to help blend into the lashline.
These are my favorite lashes in the bunch.  I actually wore these in my recent Sigmax Video.  I like how they're very dense.  It's almost like two lashes stacked together.  I don't mind the thicker band on these lashes because it holds the weight more.  The only thing is that the lashes can be a bit floppy - you have to be careful to apply them straight or you can have parts of the lash flip completely up or down.
These lashes are like the criss cross lashes from above but a lot more natural.  I would definitely use this on someone who wants a super natural look - like the Mother of a Bride.  They're called "Beyond Natural" lashes and they are definitely that.  They even have a super thin lash band to boot - a plus!
I think these lashes are super cool.  I like how they're individual segments so you can place them as necessary.  I can see them being super hot on the lower lashline.  They also make the lash application process a lot easier by breaking the normal lash up into smaller pieces.  You can personalize where you apply the lashes - apply them to just the middle for a wide eye doll look or on the end for a cat eye.
Out of all the products I received, I was most excited about this one.  Revlon has come out with a new lash adhesive.  Instead of being in the typical squeeze tube applicator it has a brush like those in liquid liners.  I love this!  It cuts down on the mess of accidentally squeezing too hard and getting glue everywhere.  The glue actually looks like a pretty irridescent blue when it's wet but it dries clear.  I like to swipe some glue on the lash band but I also do a little trick of applying glue on top of my liquid liner (on the skin above your lashes).  The brush makes this super easy to do.  By doing so, the falsies will adhere to the lashline where you need them to without flopping around - it's much easier to apply lashes this way.  Now if they can make this product with a dark tint lash glue it would be perfection!
Revlon also sent me a few more packs of their press on nails.  I tried them once but I don't really use them too often.  I'll be saving these for an upcoming twitter giveaway :)

Final Thoughts
In sum, Revlon is definitely stepping up their game with some new product innovations.  I don't typically reach for Revlon lashes because I usually buy mine in bulk at a volume discount.  However, I'd suggest the everyday makeup wearer to give them a try.  I definitely recommend going out and getting the new lash glue though!  Let me know how you like the products!

FTC Disclosure:  Product sponsored for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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