Skindinavia Makeup Finish Sprays - Review & Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another review.  These products have been on my list for a really long time.  Today I'll be featuring the Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Sprays.  I have seen lots of reviews on them and I really wanted to purchase them at IMATS Pasadena last year but never got around to it.  Finishing Sprays are one of those extra special products that really steps up your makeup game.  What's the point of spending so long on a look if it doesn't last?  That's what these sprays are meant for.

Check out my video!

In this video I show you the products and my review.  I'll also give a typed review for those unable to watch the video.

I received three different sprays to try - No More Shine, Original, and 10 Years Younger in the 1 oz bottles.  These are actually the company's best sellers.  Each one has its own purpose and really there's one for everybody.  There are actually a total of six different sprays to choose from including the Bridal Makeup Finish, Cool Flash Makeup Finish, and Dance! Makeup Finish.

I've tried a bunch of different setting sprays - MAC Fix +, Pur Minerals Fulvic Mineral Mist, Model in the Bottle Sensitive and Regular Formula, Graftobian Setting Spray, and Kryolan Fixing Spray.  They all have their different purposes and advantages.  Enkore Makeup did an awesome video on telling us the difference between various facial sprays.  It's a great video to watch.

I find that I mainly use MAC Fix + and Model in the Bottle in my kit.  I save the theater brands for Halloween and Theatrical Makeup.  I wasn't exactly over the moon for any of them, so I was excited to try something new.

In the video, I compare the Skindinavia sprays to what I own.  I find that MAC Fix + is great for getting rid of the powdery makeup look but as far as staying power it's just okay.  It's better as a refresher.  I use Model in the Bottle for brides and other clients that need their makeup to last.  It is more of a veil that covers the makeup.  I have to be careful though because of the strong alcohol scent and sticky residue.

Testing Out the Sprays
Using this products is pretty self-explanatory.  Hold the bottle 8 inches from your face and spritz a few times on your completed face.  When I first applied the Skindinavia sprays, I tested each one on my arm to see if I could feel a difference.  They all felt like water and dried to a non-sticky touch.  As a whole, all three sprays felt the same on my face.   They didn't a strong alcohol scent - a good thing!  After using them all for a couple of weeks on myself and a few of my friends I was able to compile my findings.  To help differentiate between the sprays, I also would test them by spraying one half of my face with one spray and the other side with another.  Mind you, my skin type is dry and sensitive.  I don't have super oily skin 

My Findings 
All of the sprays seemed to "set the makeup" at first contact.  It took away the powdery look and made the skin seem more radiant.  I can definitely say that wearing the makeup spray makes a difference.  One day I went without spray on one half of my face and the Original Spray on the other half.  I was wearing blush and within one hour the side without spray already faded and the side with spray remained vibrant.  Now that I know it works...let's break down the different sprays.

No More Shine Makeup Finish (Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray)
After comparing it to the Original Setting Spray, I noticed that my face definitely seemed more matte as compared to the other side.  It didn't have the regular shine to skin but it just seemed more flat.  I wouldn't say it was overly matte but it definitely controlled shine.

This is the original makeup setting spray and is pretty universal for all skin types.  It sets makeup and holds it up to conditions like heat and humidity.  It kept my skin oil free, but it gave me the dewiness of regular skin that I like.

10 Years Younger Makeup Finish (Anti-Aging Makeup Setting Spray)
I can definitely tell that this spray has more moisture properties than the other.  This is great for older skin and anyone with drier skin due to skin type or the weather.  It's also supposed to prevent slippage into wrinkles and pores which is awesome for more mature skin.  I'm not sure if this reverses the aging process but it definitely helps you look younger!

-oil free and paraben free
-sets makeup
-no weird fragrance or alcohol scent
-different types of sprays for different skin types and purposes
-prevents cakey, too powdery look

Contains alcohol - many are wary of products that contain alcohol because it dries out your skin

Recommendations:  I would recommend in the winter the Anti-Aging Finish because of dry, flaking skin.  The 1 oz size bottles are perfect for any makeup artist's kit or for travel or if you just want to test it out.  The larger sizes are great to keep at home.  For summer, definitely try the other formulas which help resist makeup melting from heat.  I think this product is also great for your kit when you're working with talent that has to be under hot lights such as photoshoots or tv'll help refresh and revive the makeup.

You can find these products at
1oz - $12.50; About a 1 month supply
2oz - $19; About 2 months supply
4oz - $29; About 4 months supply
       - a $38 value, Save $9
6oz - $39; About 6 months supply
       - a $57 value, Save $18

Skindinavia has agreed to generously sponsor two 4 oz bottles of any finishing spray of your choosing. 

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FTC Disclousre:  Products provided for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid to write this review.  These are my honest thoughts and opinions.