My Experience Doing Makeup for the Soul Train Awards

Hi Bellas,

I'm back with another post!  I wanted to share with you an amazing experience of 2010.  I had the opportunity to do two amazing with Celebrity Makeup Artist AJ Crimson and help prepare guests for the 2010 Soul Train Awards in Atlanta.  I feel truly blessed to have been a part of the experience and I want to show you all my journey and what I learned that day.

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AJ Crimson has what he calls a Beauty Suite.  He does this before a lot of big award shows such as the BET Awards and the Soul Train Awards.  He invites his favorite clients, celebrities and award attendees to have their makeup and nails done among other pampering procedures.  The show as actually pre-filmed and shown on BET several weeks later.

I was invited to be one of 3 makeup artists (including AJ).  I was told to report to our special suite at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta.  I carefully cleaned and organized my makeup into my Zuca and got ready to go!

Here is the set-up.  We each got our own mini vanity area and a table for our makeup.  Thank goodness!  I brought a lot of makeup and was able to display it all nicely.

I did several makeovers...some were industry people, others were guests attending the show and I even did a celebrity rapper.  It was an amazing experience.  I also got to witness AJ doing his magic.  You'll remember that I had attended his makeup class just a few months before (see post here) and now I was working beside him - a dream come true!

Check out AJ working his magic in the background - He's wearing a gray suit and jeans and sneaks :)

I came into the experience knowing that this was a huge gig for me.  I remained professional and beat those faces.  At the same time, I completely understood that I was a junior artist to AJ Crimson.  During slow periods, I stayed on my game - keeping my makeup area and brushes clean and I even voluntarily to clean AJ's brushes.  It was a great way to observe him working in action and also be of assistance.  If you ever assist, you shouldn't ever be sitting around taking a break unless you're told to.  Stay on your grind!  Did I mention that AJ even came to me to borrow some times from my kit?  He borrowed a pencil sharpener and my MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow and I was glad to let him use them!

Here are some shots of clients I worked on:

I also had the chance to make over Shareefa - a rapper on Def Jam who had a hit single in 2005 with the record "Need a Boss" featuring Ludacris.  We went for a deep smokey eye with a bit of reflects pearl glitter to pop!

I can't wait to work with AJ and his team again in 2011.  You know i'll do another blog post on it!  Stay tuned for more fabulousness!

Atlanta Makeup Artist