New Years Eve Pics - My Look!

Hi Bellas,

Happy New Year!  I'm back with pictures from the NYE party I attended.  Thank you all for your feedback on my hair, makeup and outfit choices.  Mascara Melissa and I took the whole day to get ready, lol, and in the end everything turned out fabulous!

Click here to see my look!
My friend Melissa and I started off with getting our nails done the night before.  The nail salon was packed!  I ended up getting a variation on a french manicure - gold tips with a silver, gold gradient fading down.  This was my inspiration.
Here's What It Ended up Like...It looked way prettier in person.
On my toes, I went with a French Pedicure with a flower design.  I wanted to keep them dainty to go with my outfit.  Not showing my toes though, lol.

Here's the outfit I chose!  I noticed nobody chose it as their fav, but honestly it looked the best on me.  The other dresses fit weird.  Unfortunately on the day of the event, my zipper broke!  We had to sew myself into the dress by placing stitches along the zipper.  Whew!  Thank goodness for watching episodes of Project Runway to learn about that quick fix.

For my hair, those of you who follow me on twitter knew I was facing a mini dilemma.  My Head Kandy hair extensions didn't arrive on time...and after checking again they still haven't shipped!  Super disappointed about that.  Anywho, I decided to go to the beauty supply store and get some anyways.  I went to my stylist Yvette at Salon Moraee for the whole shebang.  Not going to lie, I spent a whole lot more than I wanted to lol, but next time I'll definitely learn to space out my services.

I had my base touched up, and added highlights.  I'm going lighter next year so I decided to do caramel highlights on the top.  We kept the bottom of my hair darker so that they'd blend into the new extensions I got.  My stylist used hot tong curlers and pin-curled my entire head.  I kept it that way for about 5 hours - I definitely looked like Toddlers and Tiaras walking around the mall after.  After I took out all the pins, I loved how it turned out!

For makeup, I was a little disappointed because I forgot the essential piece of my makeup look - MAC Reflects Gold Glitter.  Instead, I improvised and went with a really peachy look with a bit of smoke - a combo of both Kim Kardashian and J-Lo.

Here are some pictures!  I'll make sure to feature the makeup that I did on my friends in separate posts.

I ran into one of my subbies!

I hope you all had a fun and safe NYE!  Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist