Clubbing Look

Hi Bellas!

Finally back with another video! I filmed this before Vacay and I'm excited to finally post it. My friend and fellow Atlanta makeup artist/beauty blogger Joy was my beautiful model for this tutorial. She made my job easy because she's already naturally gorgeous! In case you haven't noticed, I've started doing tutorials on others beside myself to diversify my videos. I give tips and tricks of applying makeup on others throughout this aspiring makeup artists look out!

For this tutorial I wanted to show a really wearable smokey eye...perfect for going out to the club. My model Joy is a makeup artist herself so she wasn't afraid of color or trying something new. She also told me that she has problems using foundations to match her skintone so I was glad to be able to find a good match with airbrush makeup. It also gave her the dewy look that she loves.

Check out my tutorial!

Here's What I Used (All Graftobian unless otherwise mentioned):

MAC lightful moisturizer
Hi Def airbrush foundation
Shinny Penny Blush
Warm Creme Eyeshadow

Super Cream Foundation Palette - Lightest Foundation Color as base
FantasEyes Palette - Fuchsia Fever
Warm Creme Eyeshadow
Black Cake Eyeliner
MAC Jardin Aires pigment
Professional Mascara in Black
Red Cherry Lashes

Ben Nye lipliner in Caramel Rose
Vanilla Lipgloss
Sandalwood Lipstick

Onto the pics!

Look! Her eyeshadow matches her nails :)

Have a great weekend bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist