Review: HIP Color Presso Gloss and Kohl Liners

Hi Bellas!

Whenever I get questions from viewers asking for affordable makeup brands that are comparable to favorites like MAC, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever, the L'Oreal HIP brand is always on my list. Their colors are vibrant, bright, and fun...yet wearable at the same time. They always come out new, innovative products. I had the opportunity to try out a few of their most recent releases.

HIP High Intensity Pigments Color Presso Lip Gloss

How cool is this product? When you take off the cap, you have a slanted tip applicator with two holes to dispense the two different lip colors. The glosses are housed in squeezy type tubes. You can wear each individually or squeeze both sides at once and wear a combo of both. That's 3 glosses in one if you think about it.

-You have 3 ways to wear this product
-Yummy Caramel scent
-Affordable and easily available in most drug stores
-Color is very work friendly...not too intense, perfect for daytime and class as well

-The colors are a little bit on the sheer side
-Might be difficult to press both sides at once to get a mix of the shades.
-Instead of a shiny gloss, this has more shimmers which some may or may not prefer
-The cap was a little difficult to get off. I expected to twist it, but you have to pop it off. The first time I got it off, it popped off 5 feet in front of me, lol.

Check out hand swatches of each gloss. I show you each individually as well as the mixed shade.

Check out the mixed shade on my lips. You can see how the gloss has more shimmers as opposed to the shiny/glossy effect.

HIP High Intensity Pigments Kohl Eyeliner

Another cool new product are these kohl eyeliners. The applicator is a stiff felt tip which applies the loose pigment stored in the jar. The colors Navy and Gold are extremely wearable and in style for this season. I decided to be Santa for a day and gave some of these Kohl liners to my friends, they loved it! Check out what I like and dislike about the product below:

-Easy to apply
-Vibrant color payoff

-There is a bit of fallout after applying the product. Make sure to shake the excess powder off the applicator when you apply.
-The large applicator might not apply the thinnest line.

Check out these products in your nearest drug store or cosmetics aisle. Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist