Graftobian Cosmetics - Bright Fantasy Look

Hi Bellas!

I did this tutorial a few weeks ago but still wanted to make sure I shared it with you all. If you follow me on twitter, you all know of my fiasco where I filmed a tutorial that was completely erased. It was a two parter sad!

Here is a pic of the original look:

I used mainly products from Graftobian Cosmetics in this tutorial. I wanted to show you the versatility of the last tutorial with Joy was more wearable and this one is more fantasy. But you know me...the brighter the better! My tutorials are a little longer than they used to be since I've pretty much stuck to the whole talking while doing makeup thing...but I like them better this way so you can really see the application process and hear my reviews on the products.

Check out my video tutorial!

Or if you can't watch videos at work, you can check out the steps below:

My foundation and blush were already taken care of so I just straight to eyes. I first started by applying an eyeshadow base. My lids aren't oily so I used the lightest foundation shade in the super cream palette. I would recommend using something like UDPP underneath if you have problems with lid creasing.

Next I used Warm Creme eyeshadow as my all over lid well as my highlight color. This is such a versatile's definitely becoming a staple in my kit.

Next, I used the FantasEyes palette for my eyeshadow. The yellow on the inner lid, sky blue in the middle, darker blue in outer crease, green above crease, pink and purple on the lower lashline. I used all the colors except red and orange! Did I mention I'm so excited there's a red in this palette? It's so hard to find a good red eyeshadow nowadays.

I finished the look by lining it with the black cake cream's a breeze to use with my Bobbi Brown fine liner brush. I also used a turquoise pencil liner on my waterline. Next I applied Bliss lashes...the ones I used in this tut were more subtle than the original look.

Onto lips! I used the pink color (2 from the right) to nude out my lips. Then I lined with MAC magenta lip pencil and topped with magnetique lipglass and then a matching dazzleglass.

The final look!

Hope you guys enjoyed! As you can tell, I'm really a fan of Graftobian products, especially for you makeup artists/afficionados out there looking to expand your kit. The products are high quality and fun to work with. Stay tuned for more tutorials using Graftobian in the future!

Atlanta Makeup Artist