Red Cherry Lashes Contest and Giveaway

Hi Bellas!

If you've seen any of my last YouTube tutorials, you'll notice that I have been rocking the Red Cherry lashes non-stop. Thanks to Killa Cam for leading me to where I finally found a site that sells Red Cherry at an affordable price. Being in Atlanta, it was always hard for me to find these amazing lashes at a decent price. I googled the heck out of it and could only find them on Ebay for over twice the price. For those of you who don't have Red Cherry near you, or don't know about them, let me explain.

Red Cherry lashes are extremely affordable. I don't usually get MAC lashes unless they're a a limited edition item because they are just way too expensive. I had switched to Ardell but Red Cherry lashes are even cheaper! They average around a dollar and some change and are available from natural to dramatic. Lashes make such a difference in completing a can see that I use them in nearly every tutorial. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian also rock the Red Cherry lashes.

After working with the owner of BeautyShopOC he informed me that they are launching a brand new site dedicated entirely to Red Cherry lashes. This is awesome because they can focus on great service and getting you affordable shipping. The owner told me that they do free shipping over $30! This is the lowest price I've heard of for a beauty site. Also, since they're sticking to shipping lashes, the cost is as low as possible for shipment...unlike a lot of companies.

One thing to keep in mind is that Red Cherry lashes can come in two different packagings: one says Red Cherry and one says Bliss. They're the exact same but Red Cherry just uses different packaging companies. Just wanted to point that out so you don't get confused.

After some discussion, I partnered with Thomas in order to celebrate the launch of

As a result, he is giving all my readers a 10% off code using renren!

(FYI, if this code hasn't worked for you, the site is working on fixing any glitches...those who have tried to use the code without success will be reimubrsed and hopefully the code should work moving forward.)

Check out the video to hear about the contest!

To celebrate we will also hold a contest and giveaway. Here are the requirements for entry:

  1. You must be a subscriber to my YouTube page and/or a follower on this blog
  2. This contest is open to only US and Canada at this time
  3. You must be 18 to enter, or have parental permission.

About the Contest:

  1. There will be 3 winners: 1st place wins 60 Red Cherry lashes, 2nd place wins 30 Red Cherry lashes, and a Random Commenter on my page will win 10 lashes.
  2. The contest will begin July 1st and end at Midnight July 20th, Eastern Standard Time. I will announce the winners on July 30th. I heart Red Cherry will ship the prizes directly. It will include an assortment of Red Cherry lashes.

How To Enter:

  1. Make a video response to the contest video. It can be either live video or pictures.
  2. Create a completely dramatic, creative look using false lashes. The use of Red Cherry lashes is highly encouraged. Think outside the box...use false lashes as creative as possible! Dress them up with different appliques...color them...put them in unexpected places!
  3. This has to be a brand new video entitled "I Heart Red Cherry Lashes Contest"
  4. The video does not have to be a tutorial...instead, you must show me the beginning, middle, and end of the look and explain what you did. Also explain why you love Red Cherry lashes and why you want to win. This can be through pictures as well, but you must always show a full face shot to ensure there is no identity theft.
  5. To win the 10 lashes commenting prize, leave a comment on the wall for this contest video. Tell me what your favorite Red Cherry lash is and why. Visit to see the different styles.

Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist