Indian Wedding - Day and Night Looks

Hi Bellas!

I wanted to show you pics of the Indian Wedding I did before I left for vacation. I finally had a chance to put them up. For this event, I was contacted by one of my YouTube viewers all the way in New Jersey. She wanted to get made over for her brother's wedding which was taking place in Atlanta. At the same time, I would be doing her mother and sister in law. This was a two look look for the day and another for the night. I had so much fun working with Gunjan and I wish her the best for her own upcoming wedding in Jersey!

Here is Gunjan's first look. Her priority was to even out her skin which had been going through a few tough months of breakouts. My cinema secrets came in handy for that! In terms of the colors, we pretty much wanted to do looks to compliments the gorgeous Saris they were wearing.

Since this was a daytime look, I went for a light pink with a little bit of maroon in the outer v for a bit of dimension. We went with a subtle mauve gloss to top it off.

I also did a look for Gunjan's Sister in Law. She actually had really nice skin. Her skincare regimen consists of the use of a lot of Indian herbs and spices mixed into a paste. I have seen this done before and it really does work! In terms of the colors, she favors a darker tone, so went for a berry shade apporpriate for day time. As for eyes, I coordinated the look to match her Maroon/Gold/Black Sari.

Lastly, I was able to do the mama. Gunjan informed me that she is pretty natural with only one preference - red lipstick! I focused on evening out her skin tone. On the eyes, I used very natural eyeshadows and emphasized the shape with individual lashes and kohl liner. On her lips, I applied MAC Brick Red lipliner and Dubonnet lipstick. I chose these colors since they're a little deeper and went well with her coloring.

Now comes the night looks! Gunjan's sister in law actually wanted something a little more subtle for the evening. I stuck with gold's and bronzes to coordinate with her Mustard Colored outfit. We replaced the strip lashes with individuals and again went for a berry lip with a pop of gold in the center.

For Gunjan's evening look, she definitely wanted to have a bit of teal on her eyes to match her gorgeous outfit. I combined the teal with gold eyeshadow and the same Red Cherry lashes. A shimmery pink gloss to complete the look. FYI, this look was a little on the dramatic side for Gunjan, so I easily toned it down by applying a neutral shadow like MAC's llama to a blending brush and just blended the shadows to soften the color.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist