Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi Bellas!

So yah, it's my birthday. Could you tell from the title, lol? It's the big 26...I think after 25 the irresponsible young days are over, ha ha, time to be an adult!

This morning, I woke up and my bf had a bunch of pretty presents wrapped as well as flowers on our table. Yay! I don't know about you though, but when I get up for work, I give myself just enough time to get ready and i'm out the door! I'll open them tonight :) I got to work, and my co-workers were sweet enough to decorate my cube. I also got flowers and a ballon from my boss as well as a breakfast sandwich (which I can't eat since I'm not doing carbs, lol).

We're also planning on seeing Transformers tonight with our crew. I felt like the first one was just okay, so hopefully this one is better. Then tomorrow my friends have a "surprise" birthday dinner planned for me, lol. Friday is my BFF's fiance's birthday so we're also going out for that. Then Saturday is just for me and my BF to celebrate :) I want to do something low key...just quality time together since we're going on vacation next weekend to Savannah.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on YouTube and Twitter, they made me feel so special :)

Meanwhile, I uploaded a video last night on how to pack makeup for summer vacations. If you know me, you'll know I'm extremely OCD about packing. I usually have a spreadsheet and pack way in advance. I like to know I'm not forgetting anything, but also make sure that I have everything I need.

Check out my video for tips and tricks for packing: