Jan Marini Age Intervention Regeneration Facial Mask Review

Hi Bellas!

After my recent skincare disaster with Artistry products, I have run full speed back to my beloved Jan Marini products. My skin has always loved this line...like I said in my last post, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Ever since I posted my skincare vid on YouTube, I've been on the hunt for a good face mask. My current drugstore grapeseed mask is okay, but there's way too much alcohol content in it. On top of it all, I wanted something that would yield long term benefits.

I recently discovered that Jan Marini has just released an amazing new mask product called The Age Intervention Regeneration Facial Mask. Apparently, it's their next best thing since the release of their amazing eyelash enhancement product "Marini Lash" a few years ago. As a big fan of their lash product, I was excited to see what all the buzz was about.

The amazing thing about this mask is that results are immediate. Usually skin care products take time to realize the benefits of them...not so with this one!

I was anxious to try it but of course I had to wait a couple of weeks for my skin to recover from the allergic reaction of Artistry products. Last week I tried the mask on my boyfriend and myself! After cleansing our faces, I applied it using a clean foundation brush. Using a clean brush is a lot cleaner and more sanitary.

The product doesn't really have fragrance, it just smells like the standard medicinal mask. I then let it sink in for 10 minutes as I plopped in front of the tube to watch my reality TV shows. Ten to fifteen minutes later I washed it off the mask with warm water and a wash cloth.

The Results

After I dried off my face, I felt my skin - it felt soft as a baby's bottom! Upon looking at it in the mirror, it almost looked like I had gotten a facial - it looked like a new layer of skin that was glowing and fresh! I checked on my boyfriend and his skin was soft and smooth too. Best yet - not allergic reactions, no hives, nothing!

I tried the mask a few days later...same thing! My cheeks were rosy and glowing...I've never had a mask transform my skin like this. Best off, the results last for a few days between applications.

Guess what? Jan Marini has generously donated a free mask to giveaway to one of my lovely blog readers. Leave a comment and I'll ship you one asap so you can get fresh glowing skin too!

I'll have the BF choose a random comment and I'll announce the winner this week.

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!