Circle Lenses Giveaway!

Hi Bellas!

Is it just Tuesday? LOL Yesterday I was productive, my good friend Melissa came over and I filmed a 45 minute tutorial on her doing a complete makeover using Eve Pearl products. I'm going to split it into two videos, eyes and then foundation. It came out great! I've taken a little break on videos for the past week and some change if you haven't noticed...but I've still been filming them. I should have a video up in the next few days hopefully.

Meanwhile, I wanted to talk to you guys about another giveaway!

Recently, my girl Anna hooked me up with a bunch of circle lenses to try out. I was always a little wary about them...I had seen them on Asian Beauty Blog and honestly they used to scare me! However, this time around I've grown accustomed to wearing them. I picked colors that I thought were "more natural" than others. FYI, if you're not familiar with Circle Lenses, they are color contact lenses which are larger than regular ones. The larger color part of the lense makes the iris of the eye look larger...given you a bigger eye, doll like effect. My boyfriend absolutely hates when I wear any kind of color contact, but I think colored contacts/circle lenses look really nice when you do eye makeup.

Here are some pics of me with the circle lenses:

Here I am wearing the gray lenses. Unfortunately this pic is of a makeover tutorial that I did this weekend that was never sad. I might be recreating this look a little later though.

Here I am with the black Geo Lenses.

Can you tell the difference? Subtle right?

I got five different colors to try :) I'm also rocking a hazel pair right now.

Unfortunately, it looks like Anna is no longer selling the lenses but I still have 5 pairs to give away. When it comes to reviewing products, I always ask to give away a few pieces so that you guys can test them out yourselves.

The 5 pairs are all in zero degrees...meaning they have no prescription to them. I thought this would be the easiest. So for you lucky ladies who don't have vision problems, leave a comment and you can win a pair! I'll have my boyfriend pick again. Good luck!

Atlanta Makeup Artist