Circle Contact Lens Winners!

Hi Bellas!

Thanks for participating in this contest. My BF and I picked 5 winners - each will receive one pair of circle lenses at my choosing.

FYI, if you win, please use your disrection when applying the contacts - apply it with clean fingers and if your eyes seem to get irritated, be smart about it, don't force it in! I had no personal problems with them, but since this is a product that has to deal with the eyes, you have to be careful!

You can check out these lenses at Anna's blog. This is the correct address. I accidentally listed her personal blog in the last entry.

And the winners are....


Congrats! Email me your mailing addresses and I'll send them out!

I have a couple more giveaways coming up, don't fear if you haven't won!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist