Indian Wedding Professional Shots

Hi Bellas!

Sorry for no post Monday...I finished moving into my new place this weekend and all of the exertion from a long work week combined with allergies and asthma got me sick! However, this weekend I was able to squeeze in makeup lessons with a client. I'll show you the before and after soon!

I'm trying to catch up on posts...this week should be better :)

Meanwhile, I got the pictures back from the Indian Wedding I did a few months ago. Check them out :)

Here we are the morning of the ceremony. We're at the bride's hotel helping her get ready. I'm on the right!

Here's a beautiful getting ready shot. Her jewelry is gorgeous!
I love this shot...her Henna and bangles were just to die for!
Touching up the bride before she makes her way to the ceremony :)
After the cermony, the happy couple!

Just the bride now :)

A new evening makeup look for the bride and pics from the reception!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!
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