OMG I want this...Traincase

Hi Bellas,

I was reading through Specktra yesterday and I noticed that MAC is putting out a new traincase partnered with a company called Zuca. I usually ignore MAC traincases because I feel that they are overpriced and too small...however this one stuck out because it was Nylon and a rolly type of traincase - which I prefer.

I checked out MAC pro and the case was sold out! Even on Zuca's website they are on backorder, lol.

I was on the internet for hours yesterday looking it up, here are the cool things about it:
1)The luggage is only 8.5 pounds...way less than a traincase. My traincase from Yazmo is amazing but it's huge and so heavy. Try lifting that up flights of stairs...not fun! The smaller size of the traincase I think will also allow you to pack smarter.
2) It has an aluminum frame made of the same materials as airplanes which give it strength. The top of the luggage is also used as a seat for up to 300lbs...great for doing makeup in tight spaces!
3) The wheels are like roller blade wheels so they are super quiet...and they also are recessed so they don't get in the way if you're storing this in an overhead compartment on a plane.
4) They contain 5 square mesh pouches that stack on top of each other like a shelf. You don't have to open the traincase horizontally...the luggage remains upright and you can unzip it revealing the stacked shelves. Perfect for keeping makeup inside the traincase and organized! This is my favorite part of the traincase.
5) It has a cover for air travel.
6) You can remove the nylon waterproof fabric from the frame and wash it in the washing machine. Great to clean up any makeup spills!

I'm in love! But it's $295! I don't neeeddddd it since I have two really awesome traincases...but it's calling my name? What do you think ladies, should I get it?

Atlanta Makeup Artist