New Year's Pics!

Hi Bellas!

Happy Friday Bellas! Any big plans? I'm going out tonight with my man to celebrate our anniversary. We're doing dinner at our favorite seafood restaurant and ordering the $90 King Platter, woohoo! We did that for our anniversary last year so you'll probably see similar pics, lol. Since our anniversary is so close to x-mas and valentines day, we like to keep it simple and spend money on going out together instead of gifts. Any suggestions for a makeup look?

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but my laptop had been broken for the last two weeks. Fortunately, my boyfriend's old school laptop was working and I had saved a lot of posts on blogger so i've been able to function okay. On my computer, I had some pics from New Years that I wanted to share with you.

As I mentioned before, I was inspired by MACNC40 to do my New Year's Look. She did an icy blue look which I loved! I didn't do it exactly like hers but I pretty much used the exact same products.

Close up eye shot!

Shot before dinner

Another one for yah

My group of friends headed out to a Tapas Restaurant and bar before the New Year's countdown. It was a really chic and trendy new restaurant and we got our grub on!

Group shot! Don't you love the ethnic diversity going on?

Customary couple's shot :)

Later on, we went home and changed and met up at my bestie's house to ring in the countdown. Here's me and the boo again :) This is prior to drinks and guitar hero and then me falling asleep while everyone played, lol.

That's all for now folks! Till next time, Ciao bellas!