Valentines Day

Hola Bellas!

Happy Thursday. One more day till the weekend :) I woke up this morning where my left eye is all red and puffy so I'm trying to squint as I type this lol.

So Valentines is coming up. It's on a Saturday this year too, yay! I wanted to do another collaboration with a fellow youtuber to do a look. Some of you might remember my last collaboration with MissChievous on our insect themed Halloween looks.

This new collaboration is with the beautiful and talented MsDebraMaye from youtube. She's a Filipina representing Canada. She's a relative newcomer to the youtube scene but is doing well already. I wanted to give her an exposure to my viewers to give her a subscriber boost and vice versa.

Our theme was Naughty Vs Nice looks for Valentines. I did the Naughty and she did the Nice. My objective was to do something crazy and out there. This is a sort of Kat Von D inspired/feline/rock star look.

To be honest, this was my "Screw Valentines Day" look. You know how most guys are averse to bright and funky makeup...if you have a date or don't, rock whatever makeup you want to wear! Clearly, this look is a bit on the fantasy side. If you want to rock it, go for it. If not, you can definitely tone it down.

Check out MsDebraMaye's Look!

The eyeshadows I used in this look come from my Stars Makeup Haven 96 shadow palette. Love it! Review coming soon :)

The final look!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist