Highlighting and Contouring Tutorial

Hi Bellas,

I've received a bunch of requests to do a highlighting and contouring video so I decided to bust one out. I tried to be super thorough and even planned it out on paper before I filmed. The video is a bit long so you may want to use my video highlights section if you want to skip around.

Contouring and highlighting is a process which slims/deemphasizes certain areas of your face that you'd like to hide (i.e. a double chin, a wide nose, a large forehead). It's pretty much plastic surgery without the surgery. One often pairs it with highlighting where you accentuate certain features of your face (i.e. the cheekbones, bridge of nose, chin, browbone). In order to contour you typically darken areas of the face where the shadows naturally hit. It is the opposite for highlighting, where you lighten areas where the light naturally hits.

You can pretty use anything you want to contour. Powders, foundations, creams, blush...they can all work. Try to make sure that they are 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and don't have too much of a reddish tint to them.

Here are some popular contour tools:
-MAC mineralized skinfinish natural
-MUFE compact modeler
-NYX blush in taupe
-MAC blush in emote
-MAC sculpt and shape duos
-darker foundation
-brown toned blushes

For highlighting, you can go the shimmery or matte route. I prefer shimmer strictly on my cheeks and go matte everywhere else.

Here are some popular highlighting tools:

-NARS albatross highlighter
-mineralized skinfinishes
-MAC shaping powders
-bobbi brown shimmer bricks
-lighter foundations
-highlighting powders

Check out my video for a super thorough tutorial!

Check out my video highlights to help you navigate the video:
0:40 I show you various products you can use for Contouring Tools
2:20 Take a look at several options for Highlighting Products
3:38 Brushes for Highlight and Contouring
5:09 How to Contour – Watch me shape my face (using the 3 or E method) with MAC sculpting powder
8:25 How to contour your nose
10:33 What I’m Wearing!
11:45 How to Mask a Double Chin
12:14 How to minimize a large forehead
12:37 How to highlight the high plans of your face
13:35 Make those cheekbones pop!
14:32 Highlighting the bridge of your nose
15:14 Make your lips bigger Angelina Jolie Style
15:30 Where to place your blush

Here is the final product, sculpted and shaped! I actually wore this look for my anniversary dinner with the BF.

Close up of the eye makeup. I wore pure what chromaline as a base, gesso eyeshadow, bright sunshine eyeshadow, and blue calm eyeshadow, all from MAC.

Our yummy anniversary dinner.

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!