Michelle Obama's Makeup

Hi Bellas,

Happy MLK today! It's nice to have a day off. I had an exhausting weekend. I had two great makeup gigs that I'll share with you soon. One includes a celebrity photographer who has shot with artists like Jay Z, Prince, Allan Iverson and more! I also did a huge sweet 16 party, it was definitely super sweet 16 style. Stay tuned for more!

Meanwhile, with inauguration tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to focus on our First Lady Elect. Many have stated the she is the next style icon. Never has their been such an exemplary source of style in the White House since the era of Jackie O.

Michelle Obama is known for her subtle and polished look. Her makeup, hair, and clothing is always on point. The focus on her makeup is keeping your skin looking great and going for a natural yet glamorous style. Her makeup to me looks very Bobbi Brown. I made a video to show some pics and tips for Michelle Obama's look.

A few of the video highlights for your viewing pleasure:

Pictures of Michelle Obama's Makeup

Step 1: The basis to all great makeup -great skin

Step 2: Make great skin look even greater - foundation

Step 3: An essential key to the look - arched eyebrows

Step 4: Simple and easy eyeshadow

Step 5: Make those cheekbones pop - blush

Step 6: Perfect that pout - lips

Step 7: Remember to smile!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's giveaway!

Atlanta Makeup Artist