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Hi Bellas,
After watching my regular fav YouTubers XSparkage and Queen of Blending, I was turned onto a new mineral makeup company that just seemed right up my alley. This company is called Lime Crime Cosmetics. The owner Xenia has a popular blog where she has the most amazing pictures of herself modeling her makeup and her eclectic style. I was hooked once I saw how she created such dramatic looks. She also has a great wardrobe and sense of fashion.
Check out her blog here: Doe Deere Blogazine
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Here is her website: Lime Crime Makeup
As you can see, the whole idea of this company is super bright, fun makeup. The colors are absolutely amazing. The owner definitely plays into the fantasy aspect of makeup. The pigments all have fun names and a little story behind them.

For example, one of the most beautiful shades in my opinion is Mermaid. This is what the website has to say about it:
The mermaid lived in a creek behind the levee. Each night, when the village lights languished and people were fast asleep, she climbed on top a big rock and sang songs of faeries and unicorns, moonlight dancing on her shiny, green tail.

'Mermaid' by Lime Crime is a lovely blue-green with gorgeous sheen. Can be applied wet of dry - we recommend wetting your brush for extra-dramatic

It was very difficult for me to choose colors since they were all gorgeous, but I ended up picking my favs. They are: Mystique Blue, Mermaid, and Empress.
Swatches done dry without a base.

Here's a pic of a look I created using the shadows. As you can, they're super pigmented! I tried filming a tutorial but I accidentally poked my eye and it was a waterfest. But you can see the final look.

Here are the price and product stats: $12 for 1g of product in a decorative 5 gram jar

This is a great new company out there, definitely check them out! They also have brushes, an amazing primer, and other face products.
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