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About 2 months ago I started using a new facial cleanser: Jan Marini's Bioglycolic facial cleanser. I had been noticing that my skin was beginning to take on a dull look and I wanted to rev up my skin care regimen. Now that I've hit the quarter century mark, I want to start investing in my skin a little more.

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The Ingredients
The noteable ingredient in this cleanser is Glycolic acid also known as "alpha hydroxy acid". I had heard of the benefits of AHA and was excited to try out a product that contained them. After doing a bit of research, I learned that AHA is derived from fruits and known as the "fruit acid". The most popular one to date comes from the sugar cane plant since it has the smallest molecules of all the AHAs.

The Benefits

Glycolic acids are supposed to loosen the "glue like" attachments of skin conditions like acne, photodamage, and hyperpigmentation. It's also known to block free radicals. Personally, I have some remaining acne scars on my cheeks and temples that I've been working on. The bottom line is that Glycolic Acid has been proven to reduce scarring and improve the appearance of the skin.

Using the Product
This is a non-foaming, medicinal scented cleanser that comes out in a white, liquidy form. I would recommend removing your makeup before hand with wipes, makeup remover, or cleansing oil beforehand as this will not remove all your makeup. I notice a bit of tingling as I massage it on my skin and neck. I try to avoid my lip area since it's very sensitive especially into these winter months. I use this twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed. The smell definitely smells like something your dermatologist would prescribe, so if you're expecting berries and flowers, this isn't the kind of cleanser that offers it.

The Results
After weeks of use, I notice that my skin does appear to be smoother and brighter. Even my boyfriend noticed. This is a gradual use product so don't expect results over night. Instead, use it as a part of your facial regimen to see long term results. My skin no longer has the dull tired look, instead it glows! A lot of celebrities are die hard Jan Marini skincare fans, no wonder their skin always looks so good!

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