Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MAC Pro Haul

Hi Bellas,

During my annual Christmas trip to visit the parents in O-town, I had to make my customary trek to the MAC Pro Store. I really prefer to buy in store than online because I need to swatch when I buy...and I always like having a MAC artist put his/her two cents in.

I filmed a video showing the haul with the new camera. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, the quality got downgraded when we coverted the file from .mov to .avi. However, my BF was able to fix the quality a little bit for the Dame Edna tutorial video that I'm uploading tomorrow.

FYI, my computer crashed due to all this converting software downloading. As a result, a lot of pics are stuck on my computer until my BF can fix it. I have some of the pics from the MAC pro haul but a few are missing: i.e. the lashes and swatches of the sculpting/shaping powders.

Check out my video for the complete haul.

Sculpting and Shaping Powders
Definitely on my list was to check out the highlighting and contouring powders. I'm obsessed with sculpting and shaping the face! I got three shaping powders for highlighting: the top row shows three colors from left to right. I placed them in this order to show you that I would use it in order of skin tone: left is lightest, to right is the darkest. All three shades should be able to cover most tones for highlighting. For reference, I would use the color in the middle Accentuate.

I also picked up two more sculpting powders. I picked up bone beige because this is the best color for the palest skin tones. Shadowy is my new favorite contour powder! It has a brown/gray finish and looks so much better than the Shadester color I was using before.

Rule of thumb: When contouring, it's best to use a color that is opposite from your skin tone. For example, I have warm undertones, and thus I'll stick to cool contour shades in order to truly mimic the look of a shadow/contour.

DUO Lash Adhesive in Dark
I also picked up two tubes of Duo lash adhesive in dark...my HG lash adhesive. It's super cheap with the pro discount.

Chai Lipglass and Siss Lipstick
Thanks to the MAC artist, this is my newest nude lip combo! These colors look better than some of my other nude lippies (Fresh Brew and Fleshpot) and don't make me look all washed out. I think i'm going to try different combos of lipglasses and liners with the lipstick to give myself different options.

Color Correctors
MAC Color Corrector in green is a discontinued product but luckily the MAC artist dug out the last one for me. This color corrector in green is used to neutralize red in the skin. The consistency is like select cover up concealer, so you only need a small amount.

Check out my new eyebase! The Chromaline in Pure White is eyesafe, creaseproof and waterproof. What better eye shadow base than a white one to make colors really pop?

Studio Finish Color Correctors
More color correctors! Each one has it's own use. If you look at a color wheel, you can see that a color's opposite is the color it complements. When layered on top of each other, it is also the color that it neutralizes.

This is the color chart that I use:

Ochre/Yellow is opposite of purple: this would be great for concealing bruises or undereye circles.
Terracotta/Red: Used for neutralizing green. This is great for neutralizing the black/green ink in tattoos. Also great as an undereye neutralizer for very dark skin tones.
Burnt Coral/Orange: Great for bluish undereye circles. Burnt coral is great for women of color on the lighter end, and Caramel for those on the more tan end.

I forgot to pick up MAC's matte texture when I went to the Pro store, dope! Oh well, there's always next Christmas!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's video: MAC's Dame Edna tutorial! Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist


Wes said...

You really know your stuff! I would be so lost trying to figure out what to do w/ HALF the stuff you bought, lol.

Kimberly Tia said...

oh darn you and making me want the color corrector from MAC - my skin has some fonky red marks, that could be my hero.. ahhahah

and i love DUO lash glue too, it's my HG too, there's nothing else like it and it tacks up fast.

and u def. defffffff should get a tube of katie b.'s faux lash mascara girl, i love that with a few strokes of it, mascara is applied, because most mascaras take that coat, then reapply then reapply...this takes very little effort. =]

have a great week ms.ren!!

Nic Nic said...

lovely mac haul.. im so glad i have no more mac lemmings at all right now haha

Product Junkie Diva said...

I have chai and I like it too!

abs ♥ said...

I hate that mac pro stores are only limited to a certain amount I too wanna swatch my ass off lol hahaha nice haul ren tootles have a nice day talk to ya soon

spankedelic said...

i'm gonna have to buy that siss lipstick now! lol. i've been looking for a pretty nude one. have you tried the cream sheen one? i think it's called creme d'nude? is that one pretty?

Girl with Curl said...

I was planning on checking the different CCO's when I got to CA to visit my family for New Years but, then my mom was like go look at my makeup that I don't use and see if you want it. She had all this MAC (eyeshadows, eyeliner, and lipstick), NARS eyeshadow and Stila lip/blush cream so I took all that and didn't go to any of the CCO's.

Tao's makeup said...

LOL! You ain't too shabby either! I will provide the equipment, you provide the techniques!! LOL!

I love your hauls! I wish Siss would look right on me, but unfortunately, I'm not blessed with tan skin like you, so Siss looks like dirt on my lips....Poopy.

May Nguyen said...

i love chai and siss. i think ive been wearing siss since highschool

Askmewhats said...

I love your hauls! I only have one MAC contouring blush and that's the shadester, and I find it a bit reddish, or is is just me!!! Lucky gals for having 25% off at mac!!! :)

suzyyy ...macNC40 said...

ahhh you make me want shadowy sculpting powder & that coral corrector! want want want! lol. <33

jeSmakeup said...

nice! i like that lip color....

yummy411 said...

can't wait to get back online at home! can't see your vid, but great haul..

hmmm i let my color wheel collect dust with a lot of my makeup =p

flygyrl80 said...

Your blog is so helpful! My skin is tan but I have dark under eye circles. Would you suggest the caramel or burnt coral skin corrector? Thanks!