Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back with pictures!

Hi Bellas!

Sorry about the no post on Friday. I tried to post before I left for my trip early Friday morning but I had internet problems and couldn't get it fixed before my 7:30am departure.
As I mentioned before, I headed down for a weekend trip to Boca Raton, FL for my line sister's wedding. Fortunately for me, MAC's Blond Brunette Readhead collection was available at my store Thursday so I was able to pick up a few...actually more than a few, lol, goodies before I left on Friday.
Since I would only be gone from Friday through Sunday, I wanted to show you a few cosmetic items I packed for my trip. I pretty much spent all day Friday and Sunday driving so I didn't wear anything except moisturizer, sunscreen, and chapstick. On Saturday, I picked out the specific colors I'd be wearing to the wedding in order to match my dress. My boyfriend helped me pick them out! I wanted to wear bright colors but I subdued them a bit so I wouldn't be too stand out at the wedding, lol.

My packed makeup bag: all of these items for one look!

The eyeshadow colors up close. Ignore the labels on the lid, they're for something else.

Here's What I'm Wearing (All MAC unless otherwise specified):

-Bobbi Brown Face Base (as primer)
-msf natural in med dark worn wet (as foundation)
-msf natural in dark (as a contour)
-Pur Minerals blush in plum adamite
-Bobbi Brown corrector in dark peach
-Bobbi Brown concealer in beige
-redhead msf (not in picture)
-sample of Bobbi Brown foundation that was too light - used to highlight nose bridge
-rimmel professional brow pencil and anastasia brow powder (brows)
-bare canvas paint (base)
-aquadisiac (lid)
-soot - pro color (outer v)
-stars and rockets (above crease)
-shroom (highlight)

-cream o' cerise lip pencil (outlined and filled in lips)
-Urban Decay gloss in carney

Up close pic of the look with my sorority sister Alisa! I also did her makeup using the colors I had in my was challenging because I actually ended up doing 3 of my other road trip buddies' makeup as well, mainly using the colors I packed by myself!

Me and the besties! I did their makeup too! I went for a more natural look with them though.

Stay tuned for today's vid on YouTube - Collective NARS Haul!


Calming Corners said...

Great Pics! Thanks for sharing.


Askmewhats said...

Aaww you look so pretty in that dress so are your friends ! Lucky them for having the makeovers from you!

mina said...

Really cute look, those colors look good on you girl!

PBW said...

You girls look gorgeous! You did a great job on everyone's make-up!

Wes said...

I need a friend like you! lol

Ethereal Prey said...

w00t! looking sexy!

spankedelic said...

great color combo! very nice!

Charlene said...

the eyes are verrry pretty hon!!

*Nehs* said...

you so pretty! I wanna be your friend too. ;)

Kimberly Tia said...

awwwwwwww how fun and what lucky friends to have someone like you in their corner!

you always look great Ren - I'm in the works of packing up my makeup for a trip to toronto, canada -- and it's gonna be so tough not wanting to pack ALLLLLLLL MY MAKEUP with me... AHHAHAH

I need to narrow down what's IMPORTANT or a staple for me in makeup travel case.

oh the joy of being a GIRL

Amina said...

you look amaaazing!!!
I loove the make at not standing out more than the bride :)

i wished i had someone special to put oil on my back :(

Amina said...

i forgot to say I can't wait for the NARS haul video.
i can see you're also becoming a bobbi brown gal :)

xppinkx said...

Hey babe

you just look all sorts of stuck in the east coast with awful ass weather...BOCA RATON sounds really good right now...Gorge as always and your amigas are nothing less than beautiful!


Product Junkie Diva said...

All of you look so pretty.
I love how natural their makeup looks.

May Nguyen said...

Ren! Send me your address - I totally forgot that you prefer cosmetics on coloured skin as you tend to work with them more! I forgot to put some foundations for you that I think you will love!!!

Girl with Curl said...

Love all the makeup looks. Someone I know needs to get married soon. I felt like 2 years ago I was going to weddings back to back and now no one's getting married. I miss going to weddings.

jilliandanica said...

you look so pretty!! i love your blog btw =)

on a separate note, how do you like the BB correctors?

Couture Carrie said...

You look fantastic, R Squared!

Love that aqua eye shadow - so Gucci SS09!


Savvy Mode SG said...

you gals look really cute. i usually just use moisture and lipgloss for everyday.

Christine said...

I'm so impressed that you packed so little for makeup, I always take a big even on just a weekend trip =)

Jaimie said...

It looks like you had a great time! I love your eyeshadow!

LadyJane said...

You're adorable Ren! You look really beautiful in purple and I like how the flower looks in your hair.

so-FEE_ah said...

beautiful look...I love it...

I wish I had a friend like u :D

Fully Loaded said...

You guys looked great.BTW What sorority are you in?

Yas said...

You and your girl are darling & beautiful! Loving the vibrant colors you reminds me of a beachy vacay;)

blahsayblah said...

u look very pretty (:

Dominican Enigma said...

You three are stunnng! Ren, when u coming to NY. I need to take headshots and would love you to do the makeup.