Thursday, January 15, 2009

How to Pack a Makeup Artist Set Bag...

Hi Bellas
I've been wanting to do this post for a while. I filmed a video on it to show you it in more detail. For you aspiring or working makeup artists out there, often times you'll find yourself needing a set bag or an essentials touch up bag when you're going on a shoot. This is usually in the form of a shoulder bag or small case. It's impossible to lug your large traincase for all situations. For example, if you're working on a tv set, you'll need to leave the traincase and majority of the makeup in the dressing room, but bring a small bag of touch up cosmetics with you on set.
A popular set bag is the Rap Bag which retails for $65 and up. As you can see, it has many external pockets which makes for grabbing products quickly and easily.
I didn't want to shell out this much for a tote, so I decided to get creative. I scoured craft stores and drug store for a dupe. Sorry about the blurry picture, my pics were on the boyfriend's computer and the internet was down. You can see it better in the video.

Shot of me with my set bag once again :) AKA the booty shot, lol.

Check out my video for a thorough look in my set bag:

You can make your own set bag! This is actually a scrapbooking bag. I added a luggage strap and voila, throw it over your shoulder and you got yourself a set bag. If has just as many external pockets and even has a place for brushes. This bag was only$20 from the wal-mart scrapbooking aisle and works just as well. You can find similar ones at Michael's, Target, or any scrapbooking aisle in a store.

Inside, I would pack items that you would need to touch up makeup out on a shoot.

Here are items I suggest to pack:
-disposable mascara wands, lipgloss wands, spatulas, makeup sponges, makeup rounds, q-tips
-wet wipes
-small foundation palette
-basic eyeshadow palette
-small blush palette
-small lipstick palette
-makeup remover pads and MAC cleansing tips
-bobby pins, safety pins, binder clips, tape
-travel size can of hair spray
-mini mirror
-oil blotting sheets
-invisible oil control blotting powder
-small set of basic makeup brushes
-small pair of nail scissors
-bug spray and sunscreen (outdoor shoots)
-pencil sharpener
-lash glue
-paper towels
-clear lipgloss
-hand sanitizer
-business cards
-tylenol, allergy medicine, eye drops
-also include any specific cosmetic products you may need for touch up (i.e. if you're traveling on shoot with a specific model)
It always helps to be prepared. You save yourself a lot of stress later on and the photographers and models will love you for it. These items have definitely come in handy when i've gone on an off location shoot. Hope this helps! Ciao bellas!


Askmewhats said...

SUPER HELPFUL!!!!! :) thanks for the video and for listing down things that are good to take along :)

spankedelic said...

that's a really good idea! you're so creative!

Kimberly Tia said...

I founddddddd you ms new booty, get it together and bring back to meeee... PUWAHAHHAH

Loving the artist set bag -- I need to find me the perfect cosmetic travel bag... any Ren Ren recommendations or suggestions girl??

jilliandanica said...

thanks for posting this! I have my first wedding gig coming up and I have been compiling a list of everything I could possibly need. this is super helpful and comprehensive. thanks again!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this list - so fun to get a glimpse inside your profession, RR!


Eclecticldy said...

You have the best ideas! Thanks for sharing...perfect for some jobs I have coming up. Can't wait to create my own set bag!

rockSTARbeauty said...

love this post! informative stuff like this is so helpful to me...ur the best ren!!

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woe your like loaded that make up bag is definetaly envy causing wow love it .

yummy411 said...

great post! mua diva!

Lootwagon said...

How creative! Thanks for sharing! :)

Cathi said...

I just found your site and cannot tell you how helpful it is! You are so detailed and informative. THANKY YOU! I especially love the list for the set bag!