Weekend Updates...

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? Mine was so busy! Like I said, I’m still catching up with life after my trip and I’ve been so busy with makeup. As you can tell, I haven’t gotten a youtube video up in 2 weeks. Sorry! I finally uploaded my Kat Von D tutorial last night but something was wrong with my sound. I removed it and I’ll fix the sound and reload it tonight.

This weekend was jam-packed with gigs. Saturday morning I had to travel to do the makeup for 3 clients that were having professional photos taken. One of them was a pinay! The three were pretty much little to no makeup wearers so they wanted to try something glamorous and new. It came out fabulously! All 3 decided to wear false lashes and it really made their eyes pop. Each gig I do, I try to learn something new so that I can improve myself for next time. One thing I learned is that if I am doing extensive eyebrow grooming, I need to charge extra and budget in the time as well. The first client took me an extra 30 minutes to shape her eyebrows. However, the 30 minutes was well worth it because the before and after was amazing.

I’m also going to invest in getting pencil boxes for my kit. Right now, everything is organized in labeled clear bags. I noticed that when I’m rushing, it’s hard to get everything to fit back into the case neatly when I’m packing up. Pencil cases are harder and more compact, so they should be able to stack more neatly in my kit. I’ll post pics of the shoot soon!

I finished the shoot around noon, then had brunch at Cracker Barrel with the BF. Afterwards I hurried home to get ready for my next gig. I was booked for a designer who was participating in a fashion show with other up and coming Atlanta designers. All of my models were men. The fashion show as at this luxurious mansion and their were tents set up in the backyard. They had the runway circling the pool which was backed by a large stone waterfall. Talk about gorgeous! All of the male models were really easy to work with. I got to hang out in the men’s dressing area, woo hoo! I’ll post pics soon!

Sunday, I had more makeup to do. I've been working with a photographer to develop both our portfolios. On Sunday I did a different look on three models. The first was a retro glam inspired look--false lashes, subtle eye and bold red lips. The theme of the shoot was sexy teacher. The second look was bright bright flourescent colored eyes and a really modern lip--think kabuki mime with a nude lip and a bright pink stripe down the center. The last look was very ethereal with golds, teals and white. They all turned out really well. I'll post pics soon!

Meanwhile, I’ll get that Kat Von D Tutorial out asap. Thanks for being patient!