Thursday, June 26, 2008

Audrey Hepburn inspired photo shoot...

Audrey Hepburn is probably one of the most famous cinema icons out there. She's been in such movies as Breakfast at Tiffanys and My Fair Lady, to name a few. Growing up, I went through a phase where I was obsessed with music and film from the 50's and 60's. I just wanted to live back in that time where girls wore poodle skirts and hung out at the soda fountain. I think it would have been so much fun living back except for the racism, lol.

Here are a few pics of the screen legend:

My model was also petite, fair skinned and had the same dark hair as Audrey. We were going for a minimal makeup look shot outdoors. Ms. Hepburn was known for barely there makeup--mainly long lashes, pale cheeks and lips, and heavy eyebrows. I went with a lighter look, but modernized it a bit. A good rule of thumb is to only apply as much makeup as a model needs...I know it's fun sometimes to do the whole shebang, but it's best to apply makeup on an individual as needed bases.

I used the following products:
-smashbox photofinish primer
-cinema secrets foundation
-green correcting powder from everyday minerals
-graftobian creme blush (great for creating a natural looking flush)

-rimmel professional brow pencil
-ardell lashes
-max factor 2000 calorie mascara
-MAC paint in bare canvas
-llama e/s
-cork e/s
-Revlon Colorstay liquid liner in blackest black

-covergirl plumping lipstick in pillow pink
-milani bubblegum pink lipgloss

Here's a tip...don't forget the ears! My model had brightly flushed ears. I brushed on a bit of green correcting powder and voila, red is gone!

You can click on the pics to enlarge.

And of course, a before and after: the look is subtle but definitely makes her more polished.


Anne said...

i reaaally love this. so simple and polished like you said. it's very hepburn-esque.

you're really going for your dream! i wish i can do the same LOL.

btw, to answer your question: 5 NYX products i recommend:
1. NYX single eyeshadow
2. NYX eyeshadow trio
3. NYX round lipstick (they're only a dollar!!!)
4. their pigments (so cute and so small)
5. concealer... I haven't really tried this but I heard good reviews about it.

anyway, next time you come down to cali... let us know :)

yummy411 said...

absolutely gorg per usual! i like that you mentioned the aspect about the ears.... sometimes i have to really, carefully brush in the hairline also(usu if the hair is pulled back) because of all of the hair products women put in their hair it shows a definite line of demarcation between the oily scalp (edges) and face... down the neck! keep these post coming!! =) again wonderful photog! s/he really compliments your work!

Yellow Fever said...

absolutely gorgeous- so sophisticated! i like what you said about just using what you need- sometimes I just want to keep adding more stuff!

nai nai said...

wow such a simple natural look! good job on the shoot =]

Ethereal Prey said...

wow audrey is such an icon. i wish i could look like her. How would you do her look an asian skin?

mina said...

You made her look good!
How was your birthday yesterday?

xoxo Jaimie said...

She looks great! I love audrey! I have her photo on the wall in my room. Love the look.

Gee said...

Wow you did a great job Ren!! She really does have that Audrey look!! Lovely!!

Roselyn said...

As if she NEEDS makeup! That girl is gorgeous! You did an amazing job on her!

As for the UD mineral foundation I'm a NC35 all though I mix my MAC foundations so I really cant go by that either. But Vision is a very pretty olive color that matches our tan complexions... I actually feel I would match better to their Hallucination shade which is a shade lighter, but I went with Vision because this time of year I am always darker. Your best bet is heading to Sephora and testing them there.

B said...

Beautiful!! That first one seriously looks like something out of a magazine. You did an amazing job.

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

you did an AWESOME job with this photoshoot! i think you captured audrey hepburn's look VERY well! :)

Sass said...

omg her makeup is so subtle and beautiful! you did an amazing job!

Jennifer said...

Nice job! You can definitely sense the Hepburn-inspired element to it. Sharp and sophisticated.

Joey said...

Amazing look, Ren Ren (: I always love reading your blog! hehe.

Your portfolio must be looking pretty damn good so far!

Askmewhats said...

Love this!!!!!!!! i love audrey hepburn look!!! classy! Congrats!

(g)ezebel said...

you did a fantastic job on your model, tho she is pretty both ways.

i think audrey hepburn's look is so timelessly classic. while i don't wear my makeup like her, (i'm drag queen), i definitely stick to her simplicity in clothing that made her look so classy and sophisticated.

Bliss said...

Oooo...i love the makeup you did, definately an audrey hepburnesque feel+look :), i really want to try the photofinish primer hehhe

ChoRadcliffe said...

Looks great. She looks like Julia Roberts in the first one!

Evol Sushi said...

Wow.. I really think you captured the look!