Weekend Update and Viewers' Questions Answered Part II:

Hi Bellas,

How was your weekend? It went by way too fast for me. I caught up on my sleep so I should be back on track this week. This Saturday my roomy and I went to the park to do a nature trail shindig that was a couple of miles long. We didn’t even jog it, just power-walked, but I am sooo sore! It’s probably since I haven’t worked out since around November. On top of it all, the trail was super rugged at points and there was a lot of terrain and jumping up, down, and around tree stubs. My joints are sore! I think I’m getting old at the ripe age of 24. However, this has somewhat motivated me to get my workout on. I need to find a way to reintegrate this into my life. I used to work out during lunch until around November when I was reprimanded at work for my extra long lunches  I’m definitely not a morning person. I think I’ll try to do maybe 20 minute quick workouts at the gym across the street. That way I have enough time to come back to work within my hour limit.

I also had my little book club meeting that my friends and I hold every month and a half or so. I picked a novel by Iris Chang called “The Rape of Nanking”. Have any of you ever heard of it? It’s about the Chinese holocaust of the 1930’s that many people do not know about. It was pretty intense…especially since my group usually reads fiction. This was historical non-fiction with many pages of gruesome scenes. However, it was a really deep discussion. Good times!

My boyfriend left to go back home this weekend…he’s coming back today or tomorrow. He went to visit his sister back home in New Orleans. They’ve moved her from the ICU to another hospital which is more long-term. No major improvements so far, she’s still in a coma. But please continue to pray for her.

This weekend I was able to do a couple of video requests. I filmed and finished editing my MAC brushes video. Also on the cutting room floor is my Basics of Eyeshadow Blending Video. I still need to add my music to that one and render it though. Next on my list are a skin routine video and then another urban decay eyeshadow look. However, I still have a hepcat look tutorial and shisheido mascara base review that I haven’t uploaded to youtube this week. That will come this week.

In the meantime, here’s part II of viewer questions answered. Ta ta!