Product Review: Shiseido Mascara Base and more!

Hi Bellas,

So this video is sooo old, I just haven’t had time to post it. I did a review on shieseido mascara base…this product works wonders! It really thickens and lengthens my lashes and keeps the curl. Two thumbs up! I’m due for a new mascara soon…I haven’t really heard great things about MAC mascara…does anybody have any good recommendations on a good mascara? So far I’ve used fiberwig, diorshow, telescopic, define a lash, the sucky l’oreal one with primer on one side and mascara on the other. I bought the ELF mascara when I did the elf haul a few weeks back…but I haven’t opened it and don’t really expect it to be the bomb mascara either. I really like diorshow because it goes on nice and thick, but I wish the brush was a little smaller. I tend to like traditional brushes, not the new plastic comb-like ones. I’m leaning towards getting Shiseido Lifting Mascara since I love the mascara base so much.

Here’s the video on my review:

Notice my long, curly hair in this video…ahhhh nostalgia. I went to work today and got a lot of compliments on the ‘do…however, I have noticed that ppl say I look younger with it. Yah think so? I was trying to avoid that. When I was around 14…I tried to pull off the Meg Ryan spunky hair look…do you guys remember that? I ended up shaving another four years off with that look…I looked so young.

On another note, I can’t wait to get home and take a nap…the time change thing really messed me up. Today is the only free day this week I have to relax. Here’s my schedule for the week:
1) Tuesday: dinner /college roomy reunion and sorority stuff all night after that
2) Wednesday: sorority stuff all night
3) Thursday: sorority stuff all night
4) Friday-early Saturday: sorority stuff all night
5) Saturday: prolly going out at night with the sorority
6) Sunday: vacation planning meeting in the afternoon with my crew. We call ourselves the “get it girl” crew. As in, “get it girl!!!”. The first year started with my BFF Alex and me traveling to Barcelona, London, and Paris. The next year we expanded it to a group of 7 girls. We flew to Miami for two nights then took a 7 night cruise to Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Bahamas, and Turks and Caicos. This year we’re kicking it back up a notch and plan on going to Costa Rica, woo hoo! We’ll probably fly down there and stay for about 8 nights and travel to different parts of the country. Since we’re uber-dorks we have vacation meetings to plan, he he.

Fortunately all the sorority stuff will be done by this weekend. That’s what happens when you make a life long commitment to an organization…I’m also the chapter advisor to my sorority so it’s extra obligations with that one. It’s been taking over my life! Luckily I have a bunch of videos that are complete so I don’t have to spend time editing and making videos in my free time.

Thank God for my boyfriend because he really helps me out with them. I was out doing sorority stuff Friday night and I came home to see that he edited my import girl video for me. Not only did he edit it, add music and titles, but he also photoshopped my pics with a really cool effect where only my face is highlighted in color and the rest of the background is black and white. He said this is so people can focus on my makeup. He also changes the background of my youtube page now and then to mix it up…all without me asking! I really appreciate it because sometimes I get a little burnt out from all the video editing. He’s really into music as well and matches looks to the video songs…so if you like the music on my vids you have him to thank  I really lucked out with a BF so supportive, creative, and really into various art mediums. Thanks baby!

Here are the completed videos I have yet to upload, I’ll probably upload them in this order:
1) Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Look #2
2) Basics of eyeshadow blending
3) Import girl look
4) MAC brushes
5) Tiger Eyes

I think this is good enough to last me two weeks. This week I’ll take a break from makeup and filming videos since I’ve got so much going on. I’ll just post the videos above.

Next week I’ll film more videos including:
1) Skincare routine
2) Tutorial using some new pigments I bought from CCO (frost, pastorale, cornflower, aire-de-blu, jardin aires).

Stay tuned, there’s a lot coming up!