Heatherette is my best friend...

Hi Bellas,

Sorry it’s been soooooo long  Last week I was away at training the entire week at work so I didn’t have time to blog. On top of that…I’ve been having some serious internet issues at my house…no connection for long periods of time. It’s been rough I tell yah! I hope you guys have been well 

A lot has been going on makeup-wise. As you all know, the Heatherette collection was released at stores on Thursday. Of course I went after work to cop me some goodies. I got there around 4:20 pm because I was released from training early that day and I had a good 1.5 hours to kill before my bride-to-be friend was showing up for the bridal consultation appointment I scheduled at 6pm.

Have I mentioned that I love this collection? I was finally able to upload my two haul videos…yes it took me two videos to do my entire haul b/c I loaded up!

I got:
-both trios
-2 dual-edged pencils
-all of the lipglosses
-all of the lipsticks
-2 pairs of the bad girl lashes
-2 pairs of the good girl lashes
-smooth harmony beauty powder

Dual-Edged Pencils
-I was going to pass on these but they surpassed my expectations. I got two because the MAC artist forgot to include the third one in the bag! I got Black Funk/Pop Blue as well as Nighthawk/Front Row. I used the black/blue combo with trio 1 since it went with my smokey aqua look and the brown/peach combo with trio 2. I really like the peachy glittery side of pencil to do a glittery inner eye/tear duct highlight. I mentioned in the video that the solid sides (non-glitter) of the pencils are super smooth and creamy. They went on like butter! I like using my 266 to smooth them out and wing the ends.

I really like the colors in these trios. They are super pigmented and go great together. I would say that you could probably replicate some of the colors but you can’t deny the super cute packaging. I was a little skeptical about the purple and pink trio because those aren’t my best colors, but I ended up loving them. I paired all the shadows with appropriate bases. For example, I used perky paint pot and nice vice paintpot with the bright pink and purple in trio 2, and rollicking paint pot with mood ring e/s in trio 1. I already did both looks-a smoky aqua and pretty purple and pink look, and will have them uploaded in the next day or two.
*Note: trios swatched dry without base

Beauty Powder
Talk about smooth…smooth harmony looked like a really nice bronzer when I tried it on. I like how it was non-shimmery so it looked a little more natural. This will be perfect for when the warm weather comes in. When the MAC artist tried alpha girl powder on me it didn’t show up for some reason, so I didn’t get it. Maybe if she packed on the color a little more, but I passed on that one.

*beauty powder and jardin aires pigment swatched dry without base

I love how pigmented these colors came out. The lipglosses match the lipsticks perfectly but it also looks great when you mix and match. I noticed that a nude lipliner such as stripdown looks good with all these looks, and you kind of need a liner with some of the brighter lippies. I would also suggest dulling the lipsticks down a bit by applying it with a lip brush instead of straight lipstick to the lips if you’re a little timid with bold lip colors. I love all the colors in their own special way. Another look I tried on my roomy that was really pretty was lollipop loving with bonus beat on top and a little of the jardian aries pigment placed on the middle of the bottom lip for sparkle, talk about super cute!
*Note: All lipstick/gloss pictures taken with stripdown lipliner.

Lollipop Loving Lipstick (glaze)

Lollipop Loving paired with Sock Hop gloss

Hollywood Nights Lipstick (satin)

Hollywood Nights paired with Style Minx gloss

Fleshpot Lipstick (Satin)

Fleshpot paired with Bonus Beat gloss

Melrose Mood (amplified)

Melrose Mood paired with Starlet Kiss gloss

If you’ve watched any of my videos, you know that 90% of them contain false lashes. When I heard that they were having lashes with a patent leather finish I was psyched! I got two pairs of each lash just so I could have a back-up. I love how they have a shiny finish…my friends almost thought I had sparkles on them when the light hit them in a certain direction. They also reflect the colors from the shadows you wear. They’re a bit more delicate and lightweight than normal lashes so you need to be careful with them. If you haven’t tried lashes before…I suggest you watch aboywearingmakeup on you tube…he has a video on how to apply the bad girl lashes…he’s also super fab!

All in all, I loved the collection. I did the purple pink look on my roomy (she’s Haitian with a beautiful chocolate complexion) as well and she loved it so much that she picked up the heatherette trio #2 on Sunday.

In the videos I'm actually wearing the pink and purple trio, but you can't really tell b/c for some reason, everytime I have a MAC artist do my makeup for a collection release, it looks like crap! LOL oh well...I did my own looks later and i'll post them soon!

Haul Video #1: lashes, eye pencils, eyeshadow trios, beauty powder

Haul Video #2: lipglosses and lipsticks