Heatherette Hollywood Nights

Hi Bellas,

So I know you all may be a little over the hype of heatherette…it’s kinda weird though. I honestly like this collection a lot more than Fafi but it seems like it didn’t get as much recognition. However, I still have two more looks to do. I got a request from a few viewers to do a look listed on the MAC website for the Heatherette collection. It’s called Hollywood Nights. It wasn't planned but due to popular demand I recreated this look tonight and put a video together. I can totally understand the desire to see this look though...the bright pink lipstick and gloss in the collection can be a little difficult to wear. This Hollywood Nights look pairs a nice neutral lip with the lipstick.

Click the link here to see it:

Fortunately, I have most of the products listed. Oftentimes, when MAC artists create new looks on the face charts, they use only some of the products from the new collection, but also stick some random ones in there. I have all of the products except the fluidline in frostlite. Instead, I just substituted this with bare study paint pot which is the closest thing I have to a shimmery white base. These face charts are pretty nifty if you’re trying to think of a look because it literally gives step by step instructions of what you need to apply and where. It also provides a list of all the products conveniently so you can purchase them off the MAC website.

See the instructions and picture below. You can click on the picture to expand the diagram and see the instructions and products in larger font size.

***Image from www.Maccosmetics.com

Before I applied the colors I had a feeling it wouldn’t look as bright as me as it would on the face chart just because I’m a little more tan. I thought about using my roomy Melissa as a model for the video because she has a fairer complexion…but then I got lazy and she gets home really late for work. I just kind of wanted to do the look and not wait till late tonight and cut into our sleeping time :)

So here’s everything…the diagram lists all the products used. I used my regular mineralized satinfinish foundation and powder to start off. Like I mentioned, I substituted fluidline in frostlite with bare study paint pot, and I substituted fibre rich lash mascara for shiseido mascara base and max factor 2000 calorie mascara.

I did the look by simply reading off the instructions. After I was finished however, I added a few more colors to enhance the look more for my face structure and skin tone. I added espresso e/s to my crease, format blush to my cheeks, spiked eyebrow pencil, and a little more product in general. A little side note...I noticed that by the end of the night, the lipstick and gloss made my lips kinda dry and chappy. You may want to apply either lip balm or a layer of lip conditioner before applying this lipstick first, to prevent this from happening.

I hope you guys like! Again, the cool photoshopped pics and an original so you can how the look by itself.