California Loveeeee

Hi Bellas,

I had a fabulous time in Cali. I was there for about a week. My parents flew up from Orlando to meet me out there so we can visit my brother and some aunties and uncles. As soon as I flew in on Wednesday evening, my parents scooped me up and we drove 10 hours to Loma Linda, Cali where some of my relatives are. Talk about a delirious drive! My dad had to pull over in a rest stop to take a cat nap because the drive was intense. Ever since I got in a car accident after high school prom, i'm traumatized b/c i was sleeping in the back when it happened. Now when ppl drive herky jerky I'm too paranoid to sleep in the back. Luckily, we got there safe and sound. My Auntie Puring had the cutest permanently had his tongue sticking out to the side b/c he had a stroke, awwww, he's too cute.

While I was there I had a few goals in mind:
1) relax, relax, relax
2) catch up with old relatives…some of which who haven’t seen me since I was 4 years old
3) spend time with my bro
4) get 2 moles on my neck removed (sounds weird right? But last time my mom was in Cali when I was in high school she had this Filipino lady remove the moles from her face…luckily I only had 2 on my neck that I wanted to get rid of)
5) get me some Filipino food and snacks!

I think I accomplished many of my missions. It was mainly me and my parents since my brother is in law school and couldn’t come down to south cali with us since he didn’t want to miss any classes. 85% of the time I didn’t quite know what was going on because my parents were speaking in their native language- tagalong, of which I do not understand whatsoever. That’s okay though…I just chimed in when I heard a sprinkling of English here and there… he he.

Stay tuned for lots of pics and captions!

Num num, honey dew bubble tea (my fav flavor!) in san fran's lil asian area (I was going to call it china town, but i'm not sure if it really is china town!). this was at a gelato shop we escaped too on the corner...there was some kind of festival going on...dare i say chinese new year? they had a bunch of booths set was pretty cool.

Me in front of Harrah's Casino in Rincon, Cali. I had a few reservations about going to a Native American casino...but, I really had no choice lol, since my parents drove. It took a bit of trimming and zooming to get this shot right. Do your moms have the same problem when they hold the camera and take forever to take a shot only to have it wayyyy too far away and not centered? Zoom mom zoom!

Some cakes at the filipino bakery - red ribbon bakery in Loma Linda, Cali. I've turned this into a food blog! They even had Ube Cake or as I like to call it "purple stuff".

The famous filipino bakery - Goldilocks...kinda random how they chose a lil blond white girl for a filipino bakery...oh well! I had to come here and stock up on polvoron...we just don't have these things in atlanta!

Next Filipino Food stop...Jollibee fast food restaurant. The first time I learned of this was actually in the business school...this is one of the few fast food franchises that was not overtaken my McDonalds in it's native land...when I heard it was in Cali i've always wanted to go!

Me in front of alcatraz...hey the pic was a lot cheaper than taking the tour!

Look at all the sea lions! They were literally like 20 feet away off on Pier 39 in San Fran.

Me, my mom and auntie Tessie in front of Jolliebee. They thought I was so funny for wanting to take a pic in front, oh well!

The typical breakfast menu at jollibee..rice, slice of tomato, hot dog (sans bun), bacon, eggs, and another optional slice of

Watching the bakers at the sour dough bakery in san fran...look at the alligator they made!

Me and my auntie's dog Chalupa...he's soooo tiny, can you see his lil tongue sticking out?

The dish I ordered at "tribu" a Filipino restaurant me and the fam went to. It was delish!

Me midway through my mole removing process...

The famous filipino pancit...num nums

Mom and dad at golden gate park...took us hours of getting lost to get there and leave there and we spent 10 minutes of taking pics and left, lol.