Back with More Videos!

Hello Beautiful Bloggers,

So I’ve made a few videos that I haven’t had time to post on the blog. One was on, a fabulous website! And another is part 1 of viewer questions. Sometimes I’m a lazy bum and it’s hard for me to respond timely to some of the questions I get via my yahoo mail and youtube inbox, sorry guys! But believe me, I am not complaining one bit…I’m glad to get so much positive feedback, it blows my mind sometimes.

I think being on vacation threw me off my regular groove because as I was editing my answering questions video I got all lazy with it and just cut it into two parts instead of doing one video, which I usually prefer to do. I also don’t want to cut short some of my answers because I want to make sure I come across clear you know?

So I’m going to post questions part II tonight. After that, expect a Hepcat Look video as well as a review on Shiseido Mascara Base. Those videos have been done, just waiting to upload them.

Upcoming videos I’ll be working on:
1) skin routine
2) MAC brushes video
3) How to blend eyeshadow tutorial
4) Curly Hair tutorial
5) Another urban decay eyeshadow look

Any requests, send them my way  I love you guys!

Questions Answered Part I