I love Ardell Invisibands....

Hi Bellas,

Last night I went to sleep late and really paid for it  That’s what happens when you take a 3 hour nap after work he he. When I got up however, I was really productive. I cooked, laid out my work clothes, packed my lunch, and filed another video. I filmed my urban decay deluxe eyeshadow look #2. I pretty much finished editing it as well except for adding music and a few titles. What you guys might not see is that in a lot of my videos I sit there looking for products, sometimes wander off into space, watch the TV, basically waste airtime. I have to edit these moments out which are sometimes several minutes so that I can stay around the 10 minute deadline for youtube. My look was very cotton candy inspired-pink, blue, and purple. I put on some falsies, which I haven’t worn in a few weeks so it was a little awkward at first. If I had to choose my favorite falsies, I would choose Ardell Invisiband Wispies.

They are so lightweight they don’t make your eyes feel like they’re weighted down like other falsies. The invisiband helps it blend better and the lashes are long and curled enough to give a dramatic effect. I’ll probably post this sometime next week or so since I still need to post my Shiseido Mascara Base Review and Hot Hepcat look this week.

I’ve been a lot better about catching up on my blog reading . It may be because the BF is out of town so I have more time, but I love seeing what you ladies are coming up with. It really inspires me to try new techniques and what not. One look I want to replicate is putting a dark crease color on the inside 1/3 of the crease and the outside 1/3 of the crease, leaving the middle blank. I’ve seen PowPowBaby and Verdge do this look and I likey!

Well I’m back to work, writing this on the DL, take care bellas!