Friday, March 14, 2008

My Five Must-NOT Have Items

Hmmm I really had to think hard about this one. The reason I say this is because a lot of my beauty shopping lately comes only after I’ve read reviews from my fellow bloggers. I don’t try as many random products as I used to. But after a few minutes…I do have a couple that I was able to pull out. hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes, feel free to share yours as well!

1) Victoria’s Secret Eyeshadows. They look so pretty in their nice pink packaging but don’t be deceived, they are so sheer and have no color payoff. I’m referring to the regular powder shadows, not the creams, because those are supposed to be a little better.
2) Covergirl black liquid liner. I’m not sure what the exact kind was, but it was in black packaging. However, when I tried it on, the color looks green! Kind of like when you wear something that is black and faded and it has that green tinge? Not to mention that the liner was extremely watery and faded after about 1 hour!
3) ELF lipsticks in the pan…I tried even the darkest brown color and it was so sheer that my boyfriend couldn’t even tell that I was wearing lipstick. Ohhhh and the pencil eyeliners…after less than the hour it had already smudged and disappeared into my skin…what a waste of product…
4) Jojoba hair oil from Sallys Beauty Supply…again…sorry but I can’t remember the name…but I put this in my hair so it could be soft and silky…instead…I ended up with a rat’s nest! I couldn’t even run my hand through an inch of it…I had to brush it out and lost a lot of hair in the process.
5) Imitation bio-silk products: so Bio-Silk is the bomb, we all know that right? One lil dime size drop and your hair is transformed. It’s also really expensive…like $11 for the smallest bottle. Sometimes I just can’t find it…whether I’m at wal-mart or target…so like many, I’ve seen the $3 version and decided, what the hey! Big mistake…the oil is more like liquid glue…it’s so sticky and does not smooth down the frizzies and adds no shine. It’s more like clear craft glue in your hair…stay away!
6) The old Bare Essentials starter kit…this was back when they were the only mineral makeup company in our faces. I got the product, and I think it was really overrated and overpriced. Not to mention that the old brushes, especially the kabuki and powder brush from the starter kit are so rough on the face! I could find better quality brushes for a third of the price!

The five people I’m tagging are:
1) Beautyhasnoboundaries


Gee said...

I have that old BE kit! The brushes are extremely rough!! But if you wash it and use a little baby oil, it softens up. I like the quality of BE, but they seriously lack color choices. I LOVE Everyday Minerals. They have so many colors to choose from!

Ethereal Prey said...

I have that old BE kit too I think. the brushes are still here which is pretty amazing. Just condition the brushes, so says ask me makeup.

I HATE makeup from VS. I HATE their body sprays too! I'm gonna post that since I got tagged too. :P

Emilee @ GMM said...

The only good VS makeup is non-VS brands, lol.

Bliss said...

Thank for the review on the Victoris Secret Eyeshadows, they just look beautiful but are not pigmented thats good to know now hhehe

nywele said...

Seymone tagged me too. I forgot about the VS eyeshadows, they're terrible!
I enjoyed reading your post.

Anne said...

hi love... i saw the news and atlanta was hit by a big tornado. i hope you're doing fine!

Naomi:) said...

I like the VS blushes, but also found the eye shadows to be real sheer. Good review.

Alice Mary said...
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Alice Mary said...

Ren! I do agree that the brushes from the Bare Esecentuals kit were kind of rough and irritating but I used shampoo and conditioner and they're a little bit better now. However I am still going to invest in a different kabuki brush and powder brush. The concealer brush is fine though. The foundation isn't too bad either, it works enough on me although once I'm out of it, I'm going to switch to MAC foundation. I actually want to try out the Mineralize Satinfinish, Mineralize Skinfinish natural and I know they're going to come out with their mineral line in the near future so I'll see what that's like. What do you think about the Satinfinish and skinfinish natural because I know you use those in your videos

Milyn said...
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MakeupByRenRen said...

gee: hmmm wash it with baby oil, good idea!

ethereal prey: i've tried conditioning them...still rough :(

emilee: lol true

bliss: yup, glad i can help!

nywele: thanks hon!

anne: i know right! it was crazy, i'm doing okay though!

naomi: hmmm haven't tried the blushes yet, i'll check em out!

alice mary: i love them! they don't give me a cakey foundation look, they're the perfect amt of coverage and gives you a nice sheen

Distinque said...

Thanks for the Must NOT have items. I was going to place an order for the VS eyeshadow palette:)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hey sis. THANKFULLY I never tried BE so I'm lucky to have avoided that. :P I had to think really hard when I wrote up my list too for the same reasons as you. Ever since discovering beauty blogs, I don't do so many random buys and it's rare that I dislike something. :P

yummy411 said...

lol@ your list! thanks for sharing and for the tag missy! i recently made my list from another blogger tagging me ;) i feel so special!

aquadisia said...

hmm, i've gotten large bottles of bio-silk for my mom from costco before (hella cheap there compared to retail stores--$12 for a medium-sized bottle). i never thought about using it for my own... how do you use it?