My Prize Pack from Mayaari

Hi Bellas!

Happy New Year! Back at work, booo, but it's a short week for me. I'm taking Friday off to drive down to a wedding in Boca Raton, FL. It's going to be a long drive but i'll have three of my sorority sisters keeping me company.

How was your New Years? Mine was low key this year. We were trying to save money this year and just went out to dinner and hung out after playing way too much Guitar Hero, lol (let me rephrase I was watching everyone play guitar hero). I did my makeup inspired by Suzyyk aka MACNC40, i'll make sure to post those pics soon!

It was a nice little break though, I had Thursday and Friday off. My friends and I saw the bodies exhibit finally. It was really interesting...kinda creepy in a way but really cool to see the human body in its beauty. I also saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button this weekend. It was absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend. I also saw The Spirit this weekend, it was my boyfriend's pick. Talk about super cheesy...I was not impressed and do not recommend.

Anywho, today I'll be posting up my MAC Pro Haul video this week. I'm having problems with my new digital camera. It only does videos in quicktime format which won't upload into windows movie maker. My boyfriend was trying to find converters this entire weekend (free ones at that) so I could upload it into the proper format. The one we found which actually works really decreases the camera quality. I'm going to upload it anyways. If anyone has some tips, please let me know!

Meanwhile, I received my prize pack from Mayaari, yay!

Excuse my crazy just woke up from a nap picture, lol. See how comfy I am with you guys? Showing you pics of me when I look crazy! he he The first thing I dove into was the chocolate! I am really impressed with the Lumene primer, good stuff! I now have a back up of the infamous Yu-Be cream...this is a cult classic overseas so I've heard!

Thanks again for the prizes Mayaari!

Till next time, Ciao Bellas!

Atlanta Makeup Artist