Friday Favorites Series - Beauty So Clean Review & Giveaway!

Hi Bellas,

Happy Friday!  Today I’m featuring the second post in my series of Friday giveaways for the next month.  These are all going to be my Holy Grail favorite makeup items that I love love love!  All of these items are ones I have been using for years on myself and in my kit and are now available on my Alcone Site.  Check it out for a chance to win!

Today it’s all about Beauty So Clean Sanitizing Spray.  I think everyone should have a bottle of this in their makeup bag/kit.  If there’s one thing I can’t stress enough about keeping a good kit, it’s about sanitation!  If we clean and sanitize our makeup, it lasts longer, performs better, and also reduces nasty infections like pink eye and breakouts.  This is not optional for makeup artists – it’s our duty to clients to sanitize our makeup for them.

Before Beauty So Clean came around, the only options for sanitizing makeup were pretty much using Rubbing Alcohol or Wiping Down products with a tissue.  However as many of you all know, alcohol is very drying and can ruin many powder products like eyeshadows.  Wiping down the top layer of product will work but it’s so messy and time consuming.

Beauty So Clean has made sanitation so much easier.  All you do is spray the product onto your makeup and you’re done!  Its product contains conditioners that don’t dry out or leave a hard coating on your makeup and you can use them on powder, cream, and liquid formulas.  Amazing!  This is a serious must-have for every MUA.  I also highly recommend this for everyday women because not having clean makeup can also lead to break-outs and eye infections.  

As you can see, the palette is wet where I sprayed the sanitizer. The powder blush on the left is completely dry within seconds and the blush on the right shows a few droplets but it will also dry invisibly.  Doing this with alcohol will ruin the blush.  I also have a panned lipstick in the palette because the sanitizer works for creams as well.
Today I’m going to give a lucky reader a chance to win this holy grail item!

Here’s how to win!
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FTC Disclosure:  Post not sponsored.  I purchased the giveaway product but this post does contain affiliate links.