Makeup By Ren Ren's September 2013 Beauty Favorites

Hi Bellas,

So surprisingly this month, I have a bunch of old items and I'm now just discovering how great they are.  I'm glad i'm getting some use out of them!  I've got a range of drugstore, online and pro brands for you all.  Enjoy!

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Graftobian Banana Cream HD Luxe Cashmere Setting Powder 
I picked this up during the New York Makeup Show.  Now that i'm tanner from the Summer, I love it!  Sometimes I find that the Ben Nye Banana Powder can be a little ashy especially on darker skin tones.  This one is a little richer in shade.  Also, it's got a much finer texture so it doesn't get all funky when applied on top of concealer like the Ben Nye version can.

I've had this product for months.  I didn't really give it much attention.  However, I've realized that once you get past the shimmer top coat this is a really nice bronzer.  It does have a sheen to it, but the color is really rich and deep.  It's pretty difficult to find a deeper, richer bronzer at the drugstore so if you're a woman of color in need of one, check it out!  I find that it's deep enough for me to use for a glowy contour.

I actually had this pen for a few weeks before trying it.  I don't know what I was waiting for.  I'm pretty picky about my liquid liners.  They need to be super black, super opaque, last all day without fading or smudging, thin enough to make a wing, but dense enough to be able to steadily and quickly apply liner.  This is all of the above, yay! 

I've been hearing about this product for years on YouTube.  I remember XSparkage talking about it a while back.  I finally picked it up at CVS.  I got the smaller bottle for about $17...a little pricey but it works!  I do like how it has a non-messy spray pump but the product comes out like a creamy conditioner.  After I wash my hair I typically use a detangler/split end mender and then follow with a hair oil.  This leave in conditioner replaces those two products with just one!  I can't believe how soft my hair felt!  It's also not greasy and smells nice.  It really is a miracle!

Sedona Lace Midnight Lace Eyeshadow Brushes - Synthetic Tapered Blending Brush 863 and Synthetic Medium Angled Shading Brush 407
Again I've had these brushes for a long time, but it wasn't until I put them in my filming area for tutorials that I really started using them.  I didn't design these by the way and am not paid to promote them.  I honestly just find these two eyeshadow brushes super handy.  The fact that they are synthetic gives them a bit of density so it's really easy to apply and blend out color.

The crease brush has long thin bristles small enough to fit my small eyes but dense enough to pack on crease color.  I also love the angled eyeshadow brush for my outer v - these kind of brushes I don't usually give a second thought to but man it makes smoking out your eyes so easy!  The angle fits perfectly into your outer v.  Use coupon code renren for $5.00 off your order.  

Okay I think i've had this for a few years lol, but it's still good.  I recently took a class with Renny Vasquez and he's a fan of lighter brows.  I busted this out to lighten my brows and wow it really works.    I'd say it's an alternative to MAC's Girl Boy Brow Tint.  I never thought to use this before because of the color but it's really nice to give a nice soft brow which I'm a fan of.

Not So Favorites

Ofra Gel Liner 
I'm not really sure what this liner is for.  It's gel texture makes it too sheer to be used as a base or a liner.  I even tried using it on the lips but it applies unevenly.  I think they were trying to be innovative with this product but it doesn't perform.  It had potential with the pretty purple color but it's missing its mark.

NYX Jumbo Marker Liner
This marker is actually a little too big for my taste and it smudges.  I was disappointed in this product because NYX usually is always a home run with me.

I'm giving away one Graftobian Banana Cream Powder!  If you'd like to win, make sure to follow my blog and leave a comment below to enter.  Good luck!

Hope you guys enjoyed.  Till next time, Ciao Bellas!