2013 Halloween Makeup: Marge Simpson!

Hi Bellas,

It’s Halloween month!  Do you know what that means?  Tons of fun makeup tutorials!  I’ve got a diverse range of different makeup looks coming and today I’ll start with a childhood classic – Marge Simpson!

Check out the video!

Each year, I scour the internet for new costume ideas.  I happened to see some super cute Marge Simpson costumes popping up and I thought it’d be fun to do!  Now the BF can only tell you how many times I tried this look!  Marge has the trademark huge Simpson eye balls and no matter how abstract and creative I tried to get, everytime I tried doing the makeup it came out crazy looking lol. 
Instead, I came out with a super glam Marge inspired cut crease using colors in her costume.  I used blue (her hair), green (her dress) and yellow (her skin) and a whole bunch of glitter to create the inspired look.  It’s a look that’s super fun and bright and still makes you feel sexy!  
 In case you wanted something a bit more accurate, I created huge Simpson eye balls by cutting out white foam paper and taping them to glasses!  Just cut a small hole in the middle and draw a black dot with a sharpie – you’ll still be able to see out of them.  I just forgot to draw on lashes, oops!

For this look, I paired it with a custom Marge wig that I got off Amazon.  Instead of buying a red necklace, I used a red pompom garland from Michaels for just $4.  I didn’t have a green dress so I just wore a yellow shirt, lol, but you get the point.
The key to the look is also the yellow skin.  I have a bunch of great cream makeup wheels in various colors from Graftobian.  I used a yellow cream as a base and then set it with this cool yellow powdered pigment.  If your wearing this out, make sure to cover your entire body with the yellow – I just did my face for this tutorial.
I hope you guys enjoyed this look!  If you have any special Halloween tutorial requests let me know and I’ll try to knock them out for you!