How To: Depotting Makeup Forever HD Foundations to Make Them Kit Friendly

Hi Bellas,

Who's ready for another do-it-yourself video?  I've been meaning to upload this for several weeks but better late than never!  I was feeling like my kit needed some consolidation so I was able scale down on some foundation packaging.  Check it out!

Check out the video!

Here are all the materials you need.  I love Makeup For Ever HD Foundation for my kit.  I love them so much that I included them as a Best of Alcone Item on my webstore. It's a no-brainer foundation that gives a real HD finish and it has great shades.  The only problem is that sometimes the packaging can get a little bulky and if you travel with it, you'll know that the lids have an annoying tendency to pop off.  I decided to transfer them into more travel friendly containers that were smaller, lighter, and easier to use.

Travel Bottle - Two 2oz Bottles for $8
I get these plastic foundation containers from MAC.  They're very helpful for consolidating any liquids in large containers, like foundation!  They're lightweight and easy to use with a convenient snap top that you won't lose because they're attached to the cap.
Travel Bottle 2 oz/2
Parian Spirit Brush Cleanser 
This is an amazing brush cleaner that also works great for rinsing out old makeup containers.  It works wonders!  I haven't found a similar brush cleaner. It's definitely one of my Holy Grail Must-Haves.  I used it to clean out the old foundation from my disposable MAC containers.  In the video just a little product will de-gunk the bottles quickly.

Label Maker 
I bought this Dymo Label Maker from Wal-Mart several years ago and it's still going strong.  It's become so helpful to have me label my makeup products especially when I depot.  I prefer the labels with the white background as opposed to clear because it shows up better on clear bottles.
Scotch Tape
To make the labels waterproof, I simply place a piece of scotch tape on top.  If you skip this step, your labels will also get dirty and grungy over time.

And here's a before and after!  You save space, the bottles aren't as heavy and the caps won't fall off.  Problem solved!

I hope this post was helpful!  If you try this tutorial out, please send me pictures!

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